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Attleboro Car Accident Lawyer

Dangerous Car Accident Spots in Attleboro, MA

Although Attleboro is not a major city, accidents happen very frequently, with almost 2,000 car accidents annually reported. Located just minutes from busy Providence and Taunton, there are thousands of drivers traveling through Attleboro daily. Below, we have highlighted some of the most common areas in Attleboro that are sites for car accidents:

I-95: Attleboro is located right beside I-95, the most common site for accidents in the city. With three lanes and dozens of exits along the Attleboro region, merging accidents like sideswipe collisions are common. Accidents along I-95 cause traffic almost every day for Attleboro commuters, and sometimes they can be catastrophic. In the winter of 2019, an I-95 crash in Attleboro led to an 8 car collision. Though the accident happened in only a few seconds, the lasting damages led to traffic backups of over 2 hours. Attleboro Car Accident Attorney David Tapalian urges locals to drive with caution on this highway. Almost everyone involved in the accident was seriously injured, as often happens with multi-car pileups. The pileup was caused by a negligent driver that did not check behind her to ensure that it was clear to switch lanes.

North Main Street and Toner Boulevard: This merger is the second most common site for accidents in Attleboro, with almost 30 last year. This is the host spot for many accidents due to the confusing road split between North Main and Toner Blvd, where there are oncoming cars coming in both directions. Head-on collisions, arguably the most dangerous form of car crash, have happened in this area before, and are not as unlikely as you would think. Although as an Attleboro resident you have likely driven on North Main Street hundreds of times, Attleboro Car Accident Attorney Tapalian encourages you to drive with extra caution in this area.

County Street and Read Street: This area is a difficult one for drivers, because Read Street does not continue straight through the intersection, but several feet from where it intersects County Street. Thus, accidents happen frequently with people trying to get back onto Read Street. Roughly 10 accidents and 1 fatality were reported last year at this intersection alone. When turning onto county street, it is imperative for your safety to be alert and aware of other drivers.

287 Washington Street: This road, which merges onto Route 1, is extremely dangerous for drivers. With busy businesses like BJs and Staples, as well as the Attleboro Psychiatric Hospital on either side of the road, hundreds of Attleboro locals drive along this road daily. However, with so many drivers entering and exiting the road, accidents are a commonality, with just under 30 happening here last year. Attleboro Car Accident Lawyer David Tapalian sees too many avoidable accidents, especially with careless drivers turning onto major roads like Washington Street. Driving defensively and staying vigilant can keep you and your family safe from these reckless drivers.

Contact Attorney Tapalian Immediately After an Attleboro Car Accident

As you may know, Attleboro is not always the safest area in terms of drivers, and accidents can happen to anyone. If you have recently been hurt in a car accident in Attleboro, do not wait to pursue compensation. You should turn to an attorney that has been trusted by the Attleboro community for decades, Attorney David Tapalian. As a seasoned car accident attorney in Attleboro, Attorney Tapalian has assisted hundreds of Attleboro locals in recovering their losses. There is a statute of limitations in Massachusetts of 3 years, so the faster you act, the better chance of recovering compensation you have. Instead of making a costly mistake that may hurt your chance at recovering compensation, let Attorney Tapalian put his experience to use for you. The legal experts at Tapalian Law will examine the encompassing facts, assess your claim, determine who is responsible, and create a plan to make certain you have the strongest case possible for your claim. If you or a loved one has been injured, don’t delay. The legal experts at Tapalian Law understand how a car accident can affect your life. We are dedicated to helping you recover the financial compensation you need to go back to your normal life. There is never a fee or cost to you unless we are successful. Contact Attleboro Car Accident Lawyer David Tapalian today for a free legal consultation concerning your Attleboro car accident. We will help you so that you understand your rights and obligations under the law. If you are injured and cannot come to us, we can visit you at your home or in the hospital to offer you a free consultation about your legal rights. You have nothing to lose, so call us today at 401-552-5000 or contact us online as soon as possible.

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