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How to Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer in Rhode Island

How Do I Find the Best Personal Injury Attorney Near Me?

When you are hurt in a car crash, work-related accident, or slip and fall, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is choosing the best injury attorney for your needs. Getting hurt unexpectedly is a very stressful time for you and your family. Finding the best personal injury lawyer to handle your Rhode Island or Massachusetts injury claim should not be an additional stress when your focus should be on recovering your health. What is the best way to choose an attorney? Here are some things you should look for in a lawyer when you need someone you can trust to look out for your best interests and seek fair compensation on your behalf after an accident.

What to Look for in a Car Accident Lawyer

When choosing to hire a Rhode Island car accident lawyer or personal injury attorney, you want to be mindful of some very specific facts.

Important factors to consider when hiring an attorney:

  • Ratings & Review from Clients
  • Education
  • Years of Experience
  • Responsiveness to Clients
  • Practice Areas
  • Awards & Achievements
Are Online Ratings & Reviews Important When Hiring a Lawyer?

Online reviews are of significant importance when looking for a top-rated car accident lawyer near you. Tapalian Law is one of the highest rated car accident law firms in Providence. Take your time to examine all attorney reviews before choosing the best injury attorney for your case. You should not only look at the specific site for the law firm, but you should seek other outside sites throughout the Internet for reviews such as Avvo, Justia, Google, and Yelp. When you look at the reviews that Tapalian Law has earned you will feel confident that you have one of the top-rated personal injury lawyers in the Providence, Rhode Island area. Though some reviews will simply have a rating, many reviews will have specific commentary that describes the client’s personal experience with the firm. You should read these reviews in detail before you make a choice in hiring the best accident attorney for your case.

Education & Years of Experience

An education from a highly rated institution and years of experience, especially local experience, are key factors to consider when deciding to hire an injury lawyer in the Providence area. Attorney David Tapalian is a graduate of Brown University in Providence and Roger Williams University in Bristol. Admitted to practice law in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Florida, he is a lifelong resident of Seekonk, MA, and Providence, RI and a well-respected member of the local community. David has over 20 years of legal experience helping clients injured in car accidents, motorcycle crashes, bicycle accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, and all types of personal injury. Having long-time ties to the Providence and Seekonk communities, he is well-versed in both Rhode Island law and Massachusetts law. Tapalian Law prides itself on its personalized service and Attorney Tapalian personally meets with each prospective client. Assisted by experienced paralegals, he will be the sole attorney responsible for your case.

How Quickly Does Your Attorney Return Your Phone Calls and Emails?

Communication is key when it comes to choosing an injury lawyer. It’s important to know that you are able to reach your attorney, and get a quick response, when you have a question pertaining to your personal injury case. In addition to meeting you in person, Tapalian Law prides itself on its responsiveness to our client’s phone calls, emails, and text messages. Do you need to talk to your attorney after-hours or on your lunch break? Do you prefer to communicate by email? We can do that. Attorney David Tapalian interacts with clients on a regular basis to keep them abreast of updates in the progress on their case and we can communicate based on your schedule. You will be able to reach David with his direct phone number and direct email.

Focused Area of Practice

The best attorney for your car accident injury case should be one that has a limited area of practice focused on personal injury in your state. Laws of negligence in Rhode Island and Massachusetts are very complex and ever-changing and a good accident attorney for your vehicle crash injuries should be one that has a focus exclusively limited to personal injury type claims. A lawyer that focuses on other areas in addition to personal injury may not have the dedicated expertise and knowledge of specific state laws that you need.

Awards & Achievements

When choosing a lawyer for your accident case, take the time to review the awards that the law firm has achieved. Attorney David Tapalian is a top-rated Providence car accident lawyer and has achieved numerous awards that exemplify his services and skills to clients. Having received a 10.0 rating as a Top Attorney from Avvo, David has also been awarded by the National Trial Lawyers Association, Top 100 Trial Lawyers throughout the United States. Peer reviews from other attorneys are also important to consider to see how well-respected and valued the lawyer is in the eyes of their peers in the local community. Attorney David Tapalian has received a 10.0 rating from Justia, which is achieved through other attorneys’ opinions and ratings that they have provided.

Additional Factors to Consider When Hiring a Rhode Island Personal Injury Attorney

There are additional influences to consider when making the important decision to hire an accident lawyer. At Tapalian Law, we find most of our clients do not want to be involved in the court process for their accident or injury claim. The court process can be very intimidating, and time-consuming, and is something most of our clients want to avoid. Therefore, the ability to settle your case quickly and out of court is a critical factor for many of our injured clients. Attorney Tapalian’s reputation as a tough litigator is known to other attorneys and insurance companies in Rhode Island. Being a fierce litigator often helps the client achieve a quick settlement as the insurance companies would rather settle the claim fairly than face a lengthy challenge.

As a top-rated car accident attorney, David Tapalian is also well respected by medical professionals in the Providence, Rhode Island community. Why is that important for your case? When you are hurt in a crash, it can be very challenging to get in to see certain medical specialists necessary for your auto accident related injuries. Specifically, if you lack proper health insurance the medical providers will need to rely upon their relationship with Attorney Tapalian in order to treat you.

Contact the Best Injury Lawyers in RI After Your Accident

Finding, and hiring, a qualified Rhode Island personal injury attorney or Massachusetts personal injury lawyer that fits your needs is a personal choice and not one that should be taken lightly. Do your research and as always, call Tapalian Law at 401-552-5000 for a free, no obligations consultation to see how we can help you. With offices in Providence, RI, Warwick, RI, and Seekonk, MA, we are available to meet with you the same day to discuss your needs. Call us, or reach us online and let us begin helping you today.

Client Reviews
He took care of everything and kept me updated as well. It was such a smooth process and in the end I won my case. I would highly recommend David Tapalian! Patrice F.
When I contacted David Tapalian, Attorney & Counselor at Law, all my worries were immediately alleviated. He handled my case from beginning to end and kept me updated every step of the way. Susie M.
I visited David a couple of days after my accident and he gave me clear and concise details on what would happen throughout the process... David N.