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Bike Lane Accidents

A Rhode Island Bicycle Accident Lawyer Can Help You After a Bike Lane Crash

Bike lanes are an excellent resource for transport, exercise, and enjoyment, adding a convenient way for bicycles to travel throughout busy cities like Providence. Riding a bike offers an inexpensive, and environmentally friendly, alternative to cars or buses as a way to commute to work, school, or for leisure. Though designated bike lanes are often considered a safer alternative to sharing the full road with vehicles, accidents in bike lanes still occur due to cyclist or motorist negligence, and/or lack of knowledge of how to use the lanes properly. In the event of a bike accident, there can be severe consequences for all parties involved. In 2018, a 6-year-old boy riding the East Bay Bike Path was struck and killed by a motorist at an intersection in Bristol. Cars, trucks, SUV’s, and other types of motor vehicles have the potential to cause immense injury and harm to a much more vulnerable bike rider. When an accident occurs to a rider in a bike lane, it is vital to contact a bicycle accident attorney in Rhode Island to ensure you obtain compensation for any hardship and damage that has resulted.

RI Bicycle Laws

As a cyclist, it’s important you are aware of your rights as well as the local and state laws pertaining to proper bicycle lane usage. For example, in Rhode Island, cyclists must obey traffic lights and bikes are allowed to ride two side-by-side on the road. Motor vehicles are prohibited to stop, stand, or park on any bicycle lane, trail, or path, (except when required to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with the law as outlined). You should also be aware of passing laws, that is, a car must always pass a rider at a safe distance. Cyclists are expected to take a reasonable level of care in their own safety and pay close attention to their surroundings. They are responsible for maintaining at least three feet away from parked cars, staying in a straight line as much as possible, and signaling when they intend to turn.

In the absence of designated bicycle lanes, cyclists should ride as close to the right side of the road as practicable, and motor vehicle operators must maintain a safe enough distance from the cyclist as to avoid contact with the rider should they fall into the driver’s lane of traffic. Knowledgeable Rhode Island Bicycle Accident Attorney David Tapalian can help you understand your rights and the laws you are subject to as a cyclist in Rhode Island.

Bike Lanes in Providence RI

Host to a number of one-way bike lanes, the City of Providence will add two-way bike lanes throughout particular areas, as part of the Great Street’s Plan. Two-way bicycle lanes are new to Providence, which currently has conventional one-way bike lanes on certain streets, some of which are “protected” by barriers or parking, and some that are not. Many streets in the city have no bike lanes at all, and signage indicates that bicyclists can use the whole road. Ideally, this new plan will create a safer, more enjoyable environment for residents to ride their bikes with less risk for being struck by a vehicle.

Why Should You Contact an Injury Lawyer after a Bike Crash?

In 2018, there were over 850 bicyclists killed in motor vehicle traffic crashes in the United States. When a car and bike collide, it is the rider who is more likely to be critically injured regardless of if the collision took place in a designated bicycle lane, or on the open road. A number of circumstances can lead to a bike lane accident and injuries can occur as a result-commonly drivers failing to pay attention to bicyclists, motorists failing to yield, and a parked car door opening on a rider, frequently referred to as a “dooring”. Injuries incurred range from minor scrapes and bruises to severe complications such as broken bones and other kinds of severe internal damage, even death. After the immediate physical ramifications from an accident have settled, it is pivotal that you are aware of your legal rights. To ensure that adequate reparation is obtained and that the necessary parties are held accountable, contact an experienced bike accident lawyer in Rhode Island at Tapalian Law.

Negligent, or reckless, motorists who do not pay enough attention to the roads when they drive should be held accountable for their actions. An insurance company or the injuring party might try to deny your claims for compensation by downplaying the harm inflicted on you. This can be a result of insurance companies trying to make fast settlements that don't result in the proper compensation for the physical, emotional, and economic hardship that are consequences of your accident. Attorney David Tapalian has over twenty years of experience as a Rhode Island personal injury attorney helping people injured in bike accidents, car accidents, motorcycle collisions, and other types of accidents in RI and MA, and will seek maximum compensation for your injuries.

How Can You Be Compensated?

A bike rider who is seriously injured in a bike lane accident may pursue damages based on the theory of negligence when the driver involved is liable for a personal injury claim. With the help of the personal injury team at Tapalian Law, you may be eligible to receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages, loss of future income, rehabilitative costs, pain and suffering, and property damage to the bicycle. It is vital to obtain a professional opinion in these cases to ensure you are fully compensated and knowledgeable about your rights and obligations under the law. Rhode Island Bicycle Accident Attorney David Tapalian is the person that can help you do this in a well-informed, professional manner. It is also important that incidents are reported as soon as possible and that detailed recounts of events can be obtained to assist in your claim.

Contact Tapalian Law for a Free Consultation to Discuss Your Case

Injury Attorney David Tapalian provides clients with the utmost attention and care to ensure that a just outcome is achieved for your RI or MA personal injury claim. If you or a loved one have been involved in a bike lane accident, contact us online or call (401) 552-5000 to receive a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer. With offices in Providence, RI, Warwick, RI and Seekonk, MA, we are ready to help you today.

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