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Millions Recovered for Our Rhode Island & Massachusetts Personal Injury Clients

At Tapalian Law, we focus on personal injury law in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Our expertise is in helping victims of car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip & falls, dog bites, and other types of accident injuries that have occurred due to the negligence of another.

Your free consultation will be with personal injury Attorney David Tapalian to discuss the details of your case. Attorney Tapalian will personally work on your case from start to finish. There is never a fee until we win your case and there will never be upfront costs. We only get paid when you win. Though the vast majority of our cases settle; Attorney Tapalian is willing to force arbitration or civil litigation if necessary to get the maximum recovery of damages in your personal injury case. Our results speak for themselves. Call the injury lawyers at Tapalian Law today at 401-552-5000 or email us.

Motor Vehicle Accident Cases in Rhode Island and Massachusetts
  • $45,000.00: Providence, RI. Our client was rear ended by another vehicle. Though the impact and damage to her vehicle was minimal; due to a preexisting condition, she suffered significant lower back pain and whiplash.

  • $500,000.00: Providence, RI. Our client was struck head on by a drunk driver who was later convicted of DUI. She was out of work for months and required shoulder surgery. We were able to incorporate a punitive damages aspect into our settlement.

  • $50,000.00: Providence, RI. Our client was broad sided by a drunk driver on Route 95. The impact was at speeds in excess of 50mph. After months of chiropractic care, physical therapy, and orthopedic nonsurgical intervention she was able to recover a fair compensation.

  • $275,000.00: Ashby, MA. Devastating motorcycle injury. Husband and wife were riding in Ashby and were broad sided by a truck. The husband suffered multiple fractures and required hospitalization. His recovery was amazing and he is back riding today.

  • $500,000.00: Providence, RI. Our client was riding his bicycle when he was struck by a car driven by an elderly woman. He was hospitalized for over 30 days and required numerous surgeries. Due to his young age and determination he made a fantastic recovery.

  • $100,000.00: Cranston, R.I. This accident appeared to be low impact. However, due to the angle of the impact and that the passenger was twisted facing and chatting with the driver, he suffered a hip tear that required eventual surgery.

  • $300,000.00: North Kingstown, R.I. This client was a passenger in a vehicle that was struck by a truck while travelling through a rotary. The impact was on the passenger side of the vehicle and resulted in months of therapy.

  • $50,000.00: Providence, R.I. A drunk driver struck a police officer while on duty. His recovery was good and after a few months of chiropractic care and physical therapy he was back to 100%.

  • $25,000.00: Lincoln, RI. Minor impact accident on route 146 in Lincoln. The insurance company initially told our client that it was her fault! By the time we were done, the insurance company accepted full responsibility.

  • $55,000.00: Seekonk, MA. Our client was on his way to work when a teenage driver broadsided him while she was on her phone. A classic case of distracted driving. After four months of physical therapy and 100% recovery we were very pleased with this settlement.

  • $25,000.00: North Providence, R.I. Our elderly client was travelling in a funeral procession when he was struck from behind on their way to the cemetery. We were able to provide him with a convenient, experienced therapist.

  • $100,000.00: Walpole, MA. Our client, an avid cyclist, was riding his bicycle through the local park when a distracted driver struck him. His bike and helmet were destroyed but miraculously he fully recovered in a few months.

Slip and Fall Cases
  • $75,000.00: East Providence, R.I. Our client was walking to work when she tripped and fell over a raised sidewalk tablet. She broke her wrist upon impact and required surgery. We were able to prove negligence on the part of the town due to various known complaints of the sidewalk as well as introducing into evidence the subsequent remedial measures.

  • $25,000.00: Seekonk, MA. Our client was shopping with her family when she fell on a dark liquid. Her companions were proactive enough to take pictures of the scene; which eventually led to a fast settlement.

  • $125,000.00: Providence, R.I. While shopping at a national store our client was struck in the head by a falling object. Once again, the photographs taken by a companion at the scene were key to a quick settlement.

  • $500,000.00: Warwick, R.I. On a snowy day our client slipped and fractured multiple vertebrae while entering a convenience store. The store had failed to properly treat the area directly outside of the entrance which caused a dangerous condition.

Dog Bite Injury Cases
  • $125,000.00: Attleboro, MA. Our client was violently bitten on her leg by a dog. Multiple stitches were required. Our client also required PTSD counselling due to this unfortunate incidence.

  • $225,000.00: Providence, RI. When an aggressive dog escaped its enclosure, it attacked our client who was jogging by the house. The attack caused our client to fall to the ground causing significant back injuries which required treatment.

  • $175,000.00: Providence, R.I. A dog escaped from the leash of its owner and bit our client on the leg. Two puncture wounds resulted that required hospitalization and draining for infection.

DISCLAIMER: These case results do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter

Client Reviews
He took care of everything and kept me updated as well. It was such a smooth process and in the end I won my case. I would highly recommend David Tapalian! Patrice F.
When I contacted David Tapalian, Attorney & Counselor at Law, all my worries were immediately alleviated. He handled my case from beginning to end and kept me updated every step of the way. Susie M.
I visited David a couple of days after my accident and he gave me clear and concise details on what would happen throughout the process... David N.