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Distracted Driving Car Accidents

Car Crash Lawyer Fighting for Victims in East Providence

In today’s technologically advanced world, we have many gadgets and devices that are designed to make our lives easier and more efficient. While many of these devices achieve those objectives, they also pose unintended consequences regarding the safety of motorists and pedestrians on East Providence’s streets and sidewalks. As the fifth-largest city in the state, East Providence is home to a diverse economy and a popular destination for tourists due to its long history. For the nearly 50,000 people who call East Providence home, this makes the area a great place to live and work, but it also increases the risk that a careless or distracted driver may cause them to suffer devastating injuries in a car accident. East Providence distracted driving accident lawyer David Tapalian is prepared to help you hold a distracted or otherwise negligent driver accountable for the harm that they have caused to your family and you.

Understanding Rhode Island’s Distracted Driving Laws

Rhode Island has taken a strict stance against distracted driving habits. In 2011, the legislature passed a bill that makes it illegal to read, send, or write a text message while operating a motor vehicle. Since the law went into effect, reports indicate that police have issued several hundred tickets to violators, and very few of these tickets are targeting repeat offenders. Although this indicates that the law is working, the significant number of tickets that have been issued shows how frequently Rhode Island motorists are failing to pay adequate attention behind the wheel.

Additionally, this new law prohibits drivers under the age of 18 from using a cell phone in any capacity, including hands-free devices. Bus drivers are also included in this category, and they must refrain from any type of cell phone usage while operating a bus or other common carrier vehicle.

Assert Your Right to Compensation after a Distracted Driving Accident

If a distracted driver causes you to suffer harm in a motor vehicle crash, you can bring a personal injury lawsuit with the assistance of a distracted driving accident attorney in East Providence. To prevail, you must prove that the defendant owed you a duty of care but failed to operate their vehicle according to that duty, and your injuries occurred as a direct result of this failure. When it comes to the duty of care, motorists must operate their vehicles with the same care and skill that a prudent and reasonable driver would demonstrate when encountering a similar situation. Also, prudent drivers would obey applicable traffic laws, such as Rhode Island’s distracted driving statute. If the plaintiff can prove that the defendant violated a traffic law at the time of the accident, a judge or jury probably would conclude that the defendant engaged in negligent conduct. The burden is then on the defendant to offer evidence rebutting this conclusion.

After establishing a breach, the plaintiff must next prove that there is a causal link between the defendant’s lack of due care and the injuries that they sustained. If the defendant can show that some other factor was a substantial cause of the plaintiff’s injuries, such as the plaintiff’s own negligent conduct, the plaintiff may be precluded from recovering compensation or awarded a reduced amount. Finally, the plaintiff will be asked to provide documentation supporting any types of monetary compensation sought in the litigation, which can include medical expenses, missed paychecks, reduced earning capacity, ongoing future medical care, and diminished quality of life.

Seek Guidance from a Committed Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer in East Providence

Understanding your legal rights after an unexpected and painful accident can be confusing and complicated. At Tapalian Law, we have provided reliable and personalized legal counsel to many victims in this situation. Car accident lawyer David Tapalian will treat you with the compassion and attention that you deserve during this difficult time, ensuring that you understand your legal options and protecting your rights throughout the legal process. We offer a free consultation with an East Providence distracted driving accident attorney to discuss your situation so that you can learn more about our legal team. Call us now at 401-552-5000 or contact us online to get started.

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