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Head Injuries

Brain Trauma Lawyer Representing Residents of Providence

Injuries affecting a victim’s head or brain are some of the most debilitating events that a victim may suffer, often requiring long-term rehabilitation and sometimes re-learning the most basic functions. When these types of serious injuries are caused by a negligent individual or company, those responsible should be held legally liable. Providence head injury lawyer David Tapalian at Tapalian Law helps victims who have suffered this type of trauma pursue the compensation that they need to deal with the financial impact. Mr. Tapalian offers seasoned legal guidance to people who need a car accident lawyer or guidance in other types of personal injury claims, such as those arising from motorcycle crashes or slip and falls. Serving Rhode Island and Massachusetts residents for over 20 years, his experience and dedication is unwavering throughout the entire duration of the legal process.

Types and Causes of Head Injuries

Head injuries, also known as head trauma or traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), are those that affect a victim’s scalp, brain, or skull. There are two types of head injuries: closed or open. Closed injuries are those in which a victim’s head is subject to blunt force when an object strikes it. For instance, if a victim slips and falls, they may hit their head against the ground. The other type of head injury is an open, or penetrating, injury, which occurs if an object penetrates a victim’s skull and enters the brain, such as a large piece of glass entering a victim’s head as a result of a car accident. Some head injuries are not immediately apparent, since the symptoms may be mild at first or delayed. Following a motor vehicle collision, a fall, or another traumatic event, victims should be aware of the following symptoms that may indicate a serious head injury:

  • Loss of consciousness for any period of time
  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision or changes to their pupils
  • Tiredness
  • Speech changes
  • Neck pain

The most severe head injuries may result in permanent conditions that include personality shifts, seizures, loss of hearing or vision, and cognitive deficits. Surviving victims of open brain injuries almost always need long-term medical care and rehabilitation throughout their lives. These injuries may cause loss of speech or cognitive skills. If you are seeking compensation for this type of harm, you should consult a head injury attorney at our Providence firm.

Head Injuries Often Result From Negligent Actions

When a victim’s head injury is caused by someone else’s negligent acts, it may be compensated by establishing a personal injury case based on negligence. This requires proving that the defendant, or defendants, owed the victim a duty of reasonable care, that the duty was breached by the defendant’s acts, that the breach caused the victim’s head injury, and that damages resulted. For example, motorists have a duty to other road users to act as a reasonable and prudent driver would act under the same or similar circumstances. When a driver speeds through an intersection without looking for oncoming traffic and hits a motorcycle, for example, that driver probably would be found negligent.

The causation element is often the most complicated portion of a head injury claim, which may require evidence in the form of expert testimony from doctors responsible for treatment and economic experts who can assist in calculating damages. A permanent brain injury may also require the establishment of a long-term care plan, which is based on a victim’s medical, rehabilitative, psychological, social, and educational needs, while also factoring in their goals and desires. Head injury victims may receive compensation for medical expenses, lost income, loss of earning capacity, and pain and suffering, among other damages. Even if a victim was partially at fault for their own injury, a court may award damages that are offset by their degree of liability. For instance, a motorcyclist who was found 40 percent liable for causing a crash may still receive 60 percent of the incurred costs from another responsible party.

Consult a Head Injury Lawyer in Providence or Surrounding Communities

If you have suffered a head injury in a motor vehicle collision or any other kind of accident involving negligence, David Tapalian can help you take the appropriate legal action. Tapalian Law offers legal guidance to people who need a personal injury attorney or a wrongful death lawyer across Rhode Island and Massachusetts from our offices in Providence and Seekonk. You can contact us online or at (401) 552-5000 to schedule a free consultation with a Providence head injury attorney.

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