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Lyft Accidents

Attorney Assisting Rhode Island Residents Injured in Serious Car Crashes

Many people rely on ride-sharing services such as Lyft to provide them with transportation, and Lyft drivers are a common sight on roads throughout Rhode Island. Although Lyft drivers typically offer safe and convenient transportation, they are not immune to accidents. Lyft drivers, Uber drivers, and similar ride-sharing services, like all drivers, have an obligation to operate their vehicles safely. If they cause an accident by driving in a negligent manner, they should be held liable for any harm sustained in the accident. David Tapalian is a Rhode Island Lyft accident lawyer who helps injured people seek compensation for their harm. He will work tirelessly to develop compelling arguments in your favor.

Parties Liable for an Accident Caused by a Lyft Driver

Unlike drivers for traditional taxicab companies, Lyft drivers do not undergo any training and are not required to have special skills. Instead, to become a Lyft driver, a person must merely meet the age and vehicle status requirements imposed by Lyft and pass criminal background and driving record checks. Lyft drivers also differ from traditional taxicab drivers in that they are not employees of Lyft but instead operate as independent contractors. Thus, in most cases, it is unlikely that a person injured in a Lyft accident would be able to hold Lyft directly liable. Lyft does provide its drivers with liability insurance, though, so people injured in an accident with a Lyft driver will have a source of compensation available to remedy their damages, should the Lyft driver be deemed liable.

Proving Liability Following a Lyft Accident

Although Lyft drivers may be performing a distinctive service, the manner in which a person injured in an accident with a Lyft driver establishes liability does not differ from other car accident cases. In most of these lawsuits, a Lyft accident attorney in Rhode Island will assert a negligence claim against the driver who caused the accident. Under Rhode Island law, to establish negligence, a plaintiff must show that the defendant had a duty to refrain from acting in a careless manner, the defendant breached the duty, and the breach caused the accident. The breach does not need to be the sole cause of the accident but must be a significant factor in bringing about the accident, regardless of whether other factors were present. The plaintiff must also show that he or she suffered actual damages in the accident.

Notably, the claims asserted in a Lyft accident case will most likely be the same regardless of whether the plaintiff was injured while riding as a passenger in a vehicle driven by a Lyft driver, or whether the Lyft driver struck the vehicle in which the plaintiff was traveling.

Damages Sustained in Lyft Accidents

A person who suffered harm in a Lyft accident may be able to recoup damages for both economic and non-economic harm with the assistance of a Rhode Island Lyft accident attorney. Economic harm includes the cost of any medical treatment that the person needed to undergo for his or her injuries, including hospitalization, surgeries, and therapy, as well as the cost of treatment that may be needed in the future. Economic harm also includes any lost earnings caused by the accident. Non-economic harm typically refers to the pain and suffering caused by the accident, and compensation for non-economic harm often makes up a significant portion of a damages award.

Meet with an Experienced Car Accident Attorney in Rhode Island

All drivers, including those who drive for Lyft, should be held liable for any injuries that they cause due to their careless driving. If you sustained injuries in a Lyft accident, it is prudent to meet with a seasoned attorney to discuss your potential claims. Attorney David Tapalian is adept at guiding people injured in car accidents in the pursuit of compensation, and he will vigorously pursue any damages that you may be owed. Tapalian Law’s main office is located in Providence, and Attorney Tapalian is also available to meet by appointment at his other offices in Warwick RI and in Seekonk, Massachusetts. He regularly represents people throughout the Providence area, as well as in Massachusetts. Contact Tapalian Law at 401-552-5000 or via the form online to set up a free meeting with a Lyft accident lawyer in Rhode Island.

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