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$205,000 Awarded in North Providence Car Accident Settlement

cropped-300x225Tapalian Law is pleased to announce a $205,000 award in a recent settlement for a North Providence, RI car accident client. Our client was awarded the compensation for injuries sustained in a rear-end collision that took place on Douglas Avenue. The settlement was proudly accomplished by our dedicated North Providence car accident lawyers. Attorney David Tapalian and his personal injury team worked diligently on the claim to pursue maximum monetary recovery for the injured man. For over 20 years, Tapalian Law has helped victims of car accidents in North Providence, and all over Rhode Island and Massachusetts, seek just compensation for their injuries and get back on the road to recovery.

The crash occurred when our client was stopped on Douglas Avenue facing northbound and his car was struck from behind by another vehicle, operated by the defendant.  The resulting impact of the rear-end crash pushed our client’s car into the vehicle in front of him. Though this impact was forceful enough to cause significant personal injury, the insurance company argued otherwise.

You may be surprised to learn that some insurance companies use a computerized system to analyze photographs of the impact to vehicles.  These insurance companies use the computerized data to place a monetary value on the injured person’s claim, comparing the vehicle damage to the clients resulting injuries.  In this case, almost immediately the insurance company began their game of arguing that our client’s injuries could not be caused by the accident. Based on the relatively minor impact to his car, the insurance company claimed his injuries couldn’t be that serious. However, as an experienced North Providence car accident attorney David Tapalian knew differently and could see that liability was clear-cut in this case.

The Importance of Seeking Medical Treatment Immediately After a Car Accident

Even if you are not in pain at the scene of the crash, it is common for pain to set in later, even days later. Therefore, it is important to seek medical attention right away. By visiting the emergency room, a walk-in clinic, or your physician, immediately following an auto accident, you are taking the necessary precautions to protect your safety, as well as a potential personal injury claim.

In this case, our North Providence client was struck from behind but did not report any injuries at the scene of the crash. Later that day, he began to experience significant pain in his neck and back and visited Fatima Hospital to seek medical attention for symptoms of increasing neck pain with radiating symptoms to both arms. It was also discovered he had the unfortunate luck to suffer a concussion in the collision.

Our client treated at Rhode Island Hospital and with Lifespan physicians and, due to the crash injuries, required a disc fusion in the cervical region of his spine.  Post operation, he underwent significant physical therapy.  Although he is not 100% better, he is feeling much improvement due to the excellent care that he received for his car accident injuries.

Minor Impact, Major Settlement

Every personal injury case has its own unique set of challenges on the road to receiving maximum compensation for your losses. One thing remains constant – North Providence Car Accident Lawyer David Tapalian always tells clients to be proactive about seeking medical treatment and to be patient throughout the process. It’s important to treat consistently for your accident injuries and in this case our client followed all recommendations.  The challenge of this particular car accident claim was not that there wasn’t enough medical treatment to justify a significant monetary award to the victim.  The challenge was persuading the insurance company that the impact was significant enough to have caused our clients injuries, despite their inaccurate computerized depiction. Even though the impact to his vehicle was minor, his injuries and their required treatment, as well as the recovery process, were extensive. This was no easy hurdle to overcome. However, based on Attorney Tapalian’s extensive experience with motor vehicle crashes, he was able to show that there was some damage to the bumper assembly and absorption pieces.  If the impact is strong enough to bend metal, you can certainly injure an occupant.

Once we were able to overcome the minimal impact challenge, our personal injury team had to strategically go after the various insurance companies within the case since multiple vehicles were involved. The tortfeasor, the one responsible for the accident, had $100,000 in liability insurance.  This insurance needed to be exhausted prior to seeking recovery from our clients own under insured motorist coverage.  There was also a medical expense coverage component.  All of these insurance policies had to be properly, and strategically, maximized to our client’s benefit.

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