Can a Stroke Result from a Car Accident?

photo_113343_20170924-300x200In light of the recent sudden, and unfortunate, death of actor Luke Perry of Beverly Hills 90210 and Riverdale fame, strokes and their causes are receiving renewed attention.  There are many causes for a stroke and although most are unrelated to auto accidents, as personal injury attorneys in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, we are often asked the question- can a car accident cause a stroke?  A stroke can, in fact, be a result of a car accident under certain circumstances, such as severe whiplash resulting from a crash.  Even a modest impact in a collision can result in whiplash significant enough to cause an arterial dissection.   An arterial dissection  takes place when the lining of an artery tears and separates from the vessel wall.  This may occur from excessive trauma in the neck area.  Experiencing serious whiplash can result in a blood clot forming at the tear site and once this tear occurs, it can travel to the brain to block the flow of blood to the brain tissue.  Though arterial dissection’s do not account for a high number of strokes, they can still cause considerable difficulties after a trauma. Aside from an arterial dissection, significant head trauma occurring from a wreck can result in a stroke taking place in the weeks or months following an injury.

You May Be Entitled to Compensation if You Suffer a Stroke Due to a Car Accident

If you suffer a stroke caused by a car accident in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, you may experience substantial lifelong damages. If you are unable to recover to your pre-stroke abilities, you may be rewarded extensive compensatory damages. The experienced RI and MA car accident lawyers at Tapalian Law know how to present your damages in order to seek maximum compensation on your behalf for your losses. Car accidents causing a stroke can have a significant monetary value and the insurance companies know this. Aggressive insurance companies will fight hard to prove your stroke was not a result of the injuries caused by their insured so they aren’t responsible. This is why you need a top-rated Rhode Island car accident attorney like David Tapalian on your side to fight for your legal rights. Following is a list of some of the damages your injury lawyer may present on your behalf after you suffer a stroke resulting from a car crash in RI or MA:

  • lost earning capacity
  • future medical expenses
  • future care provider expenses
  • pain and suffering
  • disability
  • loss of consortium

Consult with a Skilled Car Accident Attorney in RI or MA If You Suffer A Stroke After a Crash

After a car accident, seek immediate medical treatment for your injuries and contact a RI or MA car accident lawyer to determine if you are eligible to seek monetary compensation for your injuries. Even if your stroke occurred weeks or months after the accident, it may still be related to the impact of the crash.  It’s important to discuss your case with a personal injury attorney experienced with medical issues that can result from an accident injury.  It is essential to determine if the stroke resulted from the impact of the crash and an experienced personal injury lawyer will have the resources and knowledge to research the cause of the medical problem to determine if it is related to the motor vehicle accident. Insurance companies will fight your claim every step of the way to disprove the stroke was caused by their insured. That is why you need the aggressive legal representation of Attorney David Tapalian who is knowledgeable of all types of injuries and medical problems that arise after an accident and has the experience to represent you against the insurance companies. Call our personal injury law firm for a free consultation at


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