Falmouth Car Crashes Leave Two Dead

1443542216ra0rr-300x189On the same day, yet in separate incidents, two fatalities occurred in auto accidents in Falmouth, MA.  An early evening crash on Route 28 near the Route 151 off-ramp killed a Falmouth man on Sunday, February 20th. Traveling southbound, the man’s car veered off the road into the woods, hitting several trees in its path.

Earlier that morning, fire and rescue divers recovered the body of a 21-year-old man from Grafton, MA, whose vehicle was found submerged in water. This fatal crash occurred at the intersection of Central Avenue and Menauhant Road, two roads that lead to the ocean. Where these roads end, drivers must make a stop and turn either left or right. Located about 100 feet ahead is the ocean. Possibly missing this stop sign, and speed, are potential factors being investigated in this recent tragedy.  As a car accident lawyer helping victims in Falmouth and throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Attorney David Tapalian has great empathy for those affected by these heartbreaking deaths and the sad impact they have on the Cape Cod town.

Past History of Accidents at Same Intersection

Five serious motor vehicle accidents have occurred at the Central Ave/Menauhant Road intersection since 2017, according to the Cape Cod Times. In each case, the vehicles left the road; one caught on fire, one was a rollover, and another resulted in a driver cited for driving under the influence (OUI).

In addition, at another intersection nearby in Falmouth, the intersection of Maravista and Menauhant, two serious car accidents have taken place since 2019.  Both crashes were a result of impaired driving. This same spot was the site of a fatal crash in 2003 when a motorist lost control of his car lurching it into the ocean, killing himself and injuring his passenger.

Fatal Car Accidents in Falmouth, Cape Cod

A popular town for Cape Cod tourists in summer, Falmouth experienced one fatal traffic accident each in both 2018 and 2019. There were four fatalities in traffic crashes in 2017.  In 2016, the town reported six traffic fatalities, including two well-known Falmouth High School student athletes.

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