When Should I Hire A Massachusetts Workers’ Comp Attorney?


The Massachusetts workers’ compensation system is designed to protect employees who are injured on the job. Workers’ compensation laws are complex, and many workers wonder if they need a Massachusetts workers’ comp attorney or if they can represent themselves in their claim.

Can I Represent Myself?

Yes, you have the right to represent yourself in a workers’ comp claim. However, we do not recommend that you try to tackle a complex or disputed workers’ comp claim on your own.

If your injury is minor in nature, only requiring a few stitches or a day or two off work, you may be able to handle your claim without the assistance of a Massachusetts workers’ comp attorney. However, there are several instances when you should contact a workers’ comp lawyer immediately.

Reasons To Hire A Massachusetts Workers’ Comp Attorney

Below are several reasons why you need to contact our office to discuss your workers’ comp claim.

  • Your Claim Has Been Denied.

    If your workers’ comp claim is denied, do not simply accept what your employer or its insurance carrier tells you. You have the right to appeal this denial. Many employees fail to appeal a denial because they believe the employer and insurance company has the final say.

  • You Are Not Receive Benefits.

    Contact our office immediately if your workers’ comp claim has been approved, but you are not receiving your workers’ comp benefits. The insurance company may try to delay payment of benefits. Refusing to pay benefits owed to an employee under our workers’ comp laws is il Call our office for a free case evaluation today.

  • You Are Unable to Return to Work.

    If your work-related injury or illness prevents you from returning to work, you may want to get a Massachusetts workers’ comp lawyer involved as soon as possible. You are entitled to receive certain benefits if you are out of work due to a workplace injury or illness. Our attorneys understand the Massachusetts workers’ comp laws related to this matter and they will make sure you are receiving the full benefits you are entitled to receive by law.

  • Your Medical Bills Are Not Being Paid.

    Workers’ comp should cover 100% of your medical bills, provided the expenses are directly related to your workplace injury or illness. If your medical bills are not being paid, contact our office to discuss your rights before medical providers demand payment or refuse treatment.

  • Your Injury is a Workplace Illness.

    If your workers’ comp claim involves a workplace illness, you may want to consult with a Massachusetts injury attorney with experience in workers’ compensation cases. Workplace illnesses, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, are much more difficult to prove. You want an experienced attorney handling these complex workers’ comp cases.

  • You Are Offered a Settlement.

    In some cases, an injured employee is entitled to a settlement for permanent injuries. Before accepting a settlement, it is in your best interest to consult with an attorney to ensure the settlement amount is fair and just.

Contact An Experienced Massachusetts Workers’ Comp Attorney

You may not believe you have the money to hire an attorney, but you may be wrong. We understand that you are short on cash right now. Workers’ comp cases are handled differently from other types of cases; therefore, you are not required to pay any money up front for us to take your case. Therefore, you have no reasons to not get competent legal advice from a Massachusetts workers’ comp attorney before you take action in your case.

If you have been injured at work or if you have questions about a workplace injury, we are here to help. You do not have to face this alone. We can handle your workers’ comp claim so you can focus on your health and your recovery.  We want to take the stress and frustration of dealing with a workers’ comp claim off your shoulders so you can put all your energy into your recovery.

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