Liability in Rhode Island Head-On Collisions

468bddc63e662ecf3a104b26db86c196-300x206Head-on collisions, also known as front impact collisions, are among the most deadly types of car accidents in the United States. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), frontal collisions account for around 2% of accidents, but account for 10% of motor vehicle accident deaths. These statistics highlight the dangers associated with Rhode Island head-on collisions.

Frontal crashes occur when the front of one vehicle slams into the front of an incoming vehicle or stationary object. The leading causes of head-on collisions involve impaired drivers, unsafe passing, wrong-way driving, driver distraction, driver fatigue, and unsafe road conditions. Although head-on collisions may seem straightforward, there are often various factors at play that can affect liability and damages. For example, a wrong-way driver may claim that road signs were unclear or not visible. Similarly, a driver may claim that they had no choice but to swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid an accident. However, these defenses may not dissolve liability or diminish the motorist’s negligence.

Those that do not suffer fatal injuries in a head-on crash often experience severe and permanent disabilities. Frontal crashes may result in traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, neck injuries, broken bones and fractures, organ damage, paralysis, and burns. Victims often experience secondary injuries from flying debris or additional accidents. In some cases, adrenaline and stress mask serious injuries. It is important that head-on collision victims seek medical attention, even if their injuries appear minor.

Earlier this year, a local news report described a tragic Rhode Island head-on collision. Law enforcement reported that a 39-year-old man driving north in his sedan slammed into a southbound minivan. Emergency personnel used the Jaws of Life to extricate the men from the vehicles. However, the sedan driver died at a local hospital. The minivan driver suffered serious injuries.

Drivers should take steps to reduce their likelihood of being involved in a head-on collision. Motorists should abide by the speed limit because higher speeds typically result in more serious impacts. Further, drivers and passengers should wear a seat belt to prevent the risk of serious or deadly injuries. Finally, all drivers must ensure that their vehicle’s safety features are working correctly.

Have You Been In a Rhode Island Head-On Accident?

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