Preventing Bicycle Accident Head Injuries- The Importance of Wearing a Bike Helmet

photo_90488_20170526-300x203A recent New York Times article titled, Buckle Up a Helmet to Save a Life, began “Riding a bicycle without a properly fitted helmet is simply stupid”. After seeing the aftermath and devastation one of our clients incurred after getting hit while riding his bicycle in Providence, as injury lawyers at Tapalian Law we tend to see the author’s point. A human on a bicycle is no match for a vehicle or SUV weighing between an average of 4,000-6,000 pounds. Our client was hit by an elderly woman and sustained serious injuries requiring hospitalization for over 30 days as well as a number of surgeries. Thankfully, his youth and strong determination worked to his advantage and he made a tremendous recovery. However, this was not without a robust amount of energy and effort on his part. We represented our client in his personal injury lawsuit and were able to obtain him a very comfortable settlement to compensate for the injuries he sustained in the Providence bike accident. In summary, bicycle injuries can be devastating and even life-threatening so if you are riding a bike, it is in your best interest to take any and all safety precautions you can to protect yourself from injuries.

Bicyclists & Head Injuries

As personal injury lawyers, we know that like the large majority of car accidents, bicycle accidents often take place close to home. Bicycle accidents can happen anywhere, and they do. Whether it be a leisurely bike ride down the street for exercise or high-speed training for a bike race far from home, it doesn’t matter. The Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute states that “All it takes is gravity – the distance to the ground- to cause a head injury”.  A low-speed fall can be just as dangerous and cause just as much trauma as a high-speed fall. Without a properly fitting bicycle helmet, one is much more likely to endure a head trauma or brain injury than is a rider with proper head protection. In fact, one startling statistic reported by New York City states that 97% of cycling deaths and 87% of serious injuries occurred to people who were not wearing helmets.

If head injuries are so severe, then why don’t more bicyclists wear a helmet? Good question – and there are various reasons people give. Teenagers may balk at parental safety rules and fear looking “uncool” but parents must stand their ground. Experts say teens probably have the greatest risk and the most to lose from a head injury with their still-developing brains. Others claim a helmet does not prevent a concussion. However, a properly fitting helmet can reduce the impact and likelihood of a brain bleed or a skull fracture as well as a host of injuries. Types of personal injury from bicycle accidents run the gamut- from bruises, scrapes, and cuts, to broken bones and head injuries. Some Providence residents may ride a bicycle to work to cut down on city traffic, reduce emissions, or to save money. These are all admirable reasons to ride a bike instead of drive a car. But to reduce the risk of personal injury, bicycling must be done safely. Not wearing a helmet to avoid arriving to work with “helmet hair”? Just not worth it.

If You’ve Been Hurt in a Bike Accident, Contact a Providence Bicycle Accident Injury Attorney

As Rhode Islanders we have innumerable beautiful routes to bike and sight-see and we should take advantage. Bicycling is a great way for the whole family to spend time together in a healthy way. It cannot be stressed enough though, the importance of wearing a properly fitting bicycle helmet and following bicycle safety road rules. We wish you safe travels in your biking adventures, however if you, or a loved one, do get injured in a bike accident in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, whether you are hit by a car, truck, or SUV, know that the bike accident attorney’s at Tapalian Law are here to help you. We are experienced personal injury lawyers who have helped countless clients recover compensation for their injuries caused by a bike accident, car accident, truck accident, or slip and fall, or other type of injury caused by the fault of another person. If you are injured, do not wait to contact us. Call Providence accident injury attorney David Tapalian today at


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