Providence, RI Car Accident Settlement: $85,000

providence car accidentProvidence Car Accident Lawyer David Tapalian recently recovered $85,000 for a Tapalian Law client involved in a rear-end collision accident where the impact caused significant damage to the client’s GMC Sierra pickup truck. Our client, a local resident, was stopped in traffic on Allens Avenue in Providence, RI when he had the unfortunate luck to be struck from behind by another vehicle with substantial force enough to bend the metal rear bumper downwards.

The crash resulted in damage to both vehicles, as noted on the police report, and the victim consulted with Tapalian Law shortly after the accident.  Despite the significant bumper damage, we knew immediately upon reviewing the pictures of the damaged truck, that the defendant’s insurance company would argue that the impact was not considerable enough to cause physical damage to the plaintiff, our client.  If the insurance company can argue that an impact was not sizable, they then argue that there is no causation to our client’s injuries when it comes time to settle the car accident claim.  However, we knew from the accident reconstruction experts that our personal injury firm in Rhode Island deals with, that this was a significant rear-end hit.

Although our client complained of pain at the scene of the crash, he did not want to be transported by rescue to receive medical assistance.  As a car accident attorney in Providence, David Tapalian always urges clients to seek immediate medical care after an auto accident, regardless of how you feel at the time. As expected, the day following the vehicle crash our client was experiencing pain and visited an urgent care center with reports of pain in the lower back, radiating down the left leg, as well as tingling and shooting pain down his left arm.  As recommended by the urgent care physician, our client tried a significant course of physical therapy.  Even with the physical therapy, his symptoms remained.  He then treated with a pain specialist with his chief complaint being lower back pain.  Our client articulated that the pain occurred after the accident and his Rhode Island physician administered two sets of therapeutic and diagnostic right lumbar facet medial branch blocks. Our client then treated with a different modality of treatment, namely chiropractic care.  Even upon discharge from all medical care, he had residual pain and his health was not returned to pre-accident status.

What is Maximum Medical Improvement?

Following medical treatment, our client was deemed to have achieved what is called maximum medical improvement, or MMI.  Maximum medical improvement is a term that is used in the medical field to describe when somebody will not improve any further from that particular type of medical treatment.  Providence Car Accident Lawyer David Tapalian hears insurance companies argue the wrong definition for MMI constantly. What maximum medical improvement does


mean, is that the client is at pre-accident status. It simply means the injured person has achieved the maximum result they can expect to experience.  With our client’s residual pain and symptoms and the fact that he is unlikely to return fully to his former health, we had to find a way to get him compensation for his future pain and suffering.  That can be done through a medical doctor’s written opinion and predictor of future pain and suffering.  We were able to obtain a written opinion from the medical doctor that our client would have a 3% whole body impairment for the remainder of his life.

Seeking Compensation for Future Pain & Suffering

This Providence car accident case required financial recovery from not just one but two insurance companies.  The individual that struck our client from behind had the state minimum of $25,000 of bodily injury liability auto insurance.  Fortunately, our client had purchased an under-insured motorist policy.  An under-insured motorist policy can cover you in a situation where the defendant who caused your injuries does not have enough insurance to properly compensate you.  This is where it’s extremely important to have a competent Providence car accident attorney like David Tapalian handle your case.  In order to be eligible to accept recovery from your own under-insured automobile policy, you must obtain their permission to accept the defendant’s policy limits.  Unfortunately, insurance companies take advantage of this fact and will do anything they can to pay you as little as possible. Our personal injury team successfully persevered to negotiate the proper settlement our injured client deserved.

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