RI Drivers to Receive $2 Million from Progressive Insurance

photo_116073_20180730-300x187If you’re a driver in Rhode Island you’ve probably heard by now that Progressive Insurance Company agreed to repay approximately $2 million to current and former Rhode Island customers.  Why? Over a period of five years, Progressive Insurance Company improperly charged some Rhode Island drivers for their car insurance policies.  The Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation and Progressive Insurance entered into a consent agreement in February 2019 which amounted to money being reimbursed to potentially 4096 Rhode Island policyholders that were affected.  In addition to the reimbursement, Progressive agreed to pay a fine of $10,000.  As personal injury attorneys in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, Tapalian Law works with large insurance companies on a daily basis negotiating on behalf of injured car accident victims. The negotiation process is a constant back and forth battle to get fair compensation for our clients who have truly suffered harm in a car accident caused by one of these big insurance companies insured. The insurance companies want to compensate those injured in a car crash as little as possible to protect their bottom line. For Rhode Island personal injury lawyers, it’s a reminder of how unfair a fight it is for an individual to go up against a powerful company on their own and how important it is to have an experienced car accident attorney like David Tapalian on your side to make the fight a fair one.

Progressive Not the First Auto Insurer to Pay Out to Rhode Island Drivers

To a large, national company like Progressive Insurance, $2 million is a drop in the bucket.  But to the consumer, some who struggle to make ends meet each month, the refund will be a welcome reprieve. Progressive is not the first insurance company to pay out to Rhode Island drivers. As reported by WPRI in 2018, Esurance Property and Casualty Insurance Company agreed to pay $223,963.40 to 279 Rhode Island policy holders as a refund for surcharges made in error on the part of Esurance. Auto insurance companies that advertise heavily frequently enter into consent agreements and usually do not admit liability and keep the fine out of the public eye.

Big Insurance Companies Fight Hard to Protect Their Own Interests

The insurance companies whose commercials we constantly see advertised on TV, like Allstate Insurance, Liberty Mutual, Geico, and Progressive, can earn billions of dollars in annual premiums. To handle these consent agreements and keep track of a steady flow of legal matters, the big insurance companies have in-house lawyers and adjusters, whose job is to protect the interest of their own company, and pay you as little as possible for your car accident injuries.  They will fight every aspect of your personal injury claim. Many auto insurers place their profits ahead of paying legally justifiable claims. It is for these reasons, now more than ever, that it is essential to have a competent Rhode Island personal injury lawyer representing your interest after your car accident.  You should never go up against the big national advertising insurance companies alone.

In addition to in-house lawyers and adjusters, some insurance companies have medical professionals on call.  These hired and retained medical professionals go through your entire medical record line by line and will look for any issue within your medical record to deny and/or reduce the value of your personal injury claim.  Maybe you had to miss a week or two of medical treatment after your car accident because your child was sick.  These big national insurance companies don’t care.  They will argue, that since you missed a week or two of treatment, that you must not have been truly hurt.  Their job is to save money, not to care about the everyday person’s life and the traumatic effect that an auto accident can have on an individual and their family.

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