Watch Out For Fatigued Driving This Holiday Season!


Are you busy decorating your home for the holidays? Does it seem you are always on the road running errands or shopping? Do you feel as if you are simply dragging because you are exhausted? If so, you could be at risk for a fatigued driving accident this holiday season.

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Fatigued Driving Is Dangerous

Driving when you are tired, drowsy, or fatigued can be just as dangerous as driving after consuming alcohol. Thousands of people are injured each year in fatigued driving accidents. Fatigued driving results in billions of dollars in damages and losses each year. When you are tired, your reaction time and judgment are impaired. Furthermore, when you are fatigued, you are not as alert. Therefore, you may not be able to avoid a car accident because you are not paying as much attention to the road as you would if you were well-rested.

Tips To Avoid Fatigued Driving This Holiday Season

You cannot control what other drivers do when they get behind the wheel, but you can control what you do as a driver. One way to protect yourself and your family on the road this holiday season is to avoid sleepy and fatigued driving. In addition to reducing your risk of causing a fatigued driving accident, you also increase your chance of detecting a fatigued or distracted driver in time to avoid a collision.

As you go through the holiday season, keep these driving tips in mind:

  • Share the driving responsibilities with another adult, especially on long road trips. If you are going home to visit family and friends, plan your trip route and driving times with the other adults in the car to reduce fatigued driving.
  • Get plenty of rest — this helps keep you healthy during the hectic holiday season and helps you avoid fatigued driving. If you are heading out on a road trip, get a full night’s sleep before leaving.
  • If you are driving at night, take an after nap before leaving out on your trip.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol and eating a heavy meal before driving. Some foods and heavy meals can make you sleepy.
  • Remember that you cannot control when you fall asleep once your body gets to a certain point. Rolling down the window, turning up the radio, adjusting the air conditioner, or drinking/eating will not “wake you up” sufficiently to drive.
  • Take frequent breaks on long trips to stretch, rest your eyes, and get a snack. It will help ward off fatigue.
  • Avoid listening to books on tape or soothing music that may lull you to sleep.

For more information on drowsy and

fatigued driving

, see the information provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Contact A Martha’s Vineyard Car Accident Attorney For Help

We hope that this holiday season is a safe and enjoyable time for you and your family. However, if you are injured by a fatigued, distracted, reckless driver, or drunk driver, our Martha’s Vineyard car accident attorneys can help. Don’t let the insurance adjuster for the other driver convince you that you don’t need an experienced Martha’s Vineyard car accident attorney on your side to protect your legal rights. The insurance adjuster does NOT have your best interest as his top priority. His priority is to limit the amount the company must pay to settle your car accident claim.

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