What Factors Influence the Outcome of a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

m_Contract_-_Businessman_Signing_a_Contract_-_Illustration-300x193If you have been hurt in a car accident, a motorcycle crash, a slip and fall, or other type of incident caused by someone else’s negligence, you are likely considering filing a personal injury claim for your damages. You’re probably wondering how viable your potential claim is, what type of compensation you may be eligible for, and what factors will have a direct impact on how your personal injury lawsuit will be resolved. As any Rhode Island personal injury lawyer will tell you, these answers vary on a case-by-case basis; however, there are some key contributing factors that you should take into consideration. These components can be vital to the outcome of your case and your ability to recover the compensation that you may be entitled to for your full medical and financial recovery.

Components That Impact the Viability of a Personal Injury Claim

Though a lot of personal injury claims appear similar on the surface, no two cases are exactly the same. For example, Attorney David Tapalian and his Rhode Island personal injury team handle multitudes of car accident cases on a daily basis. We may encounter two auto accidents that both involve head-on collisions with a drunk driver, yet that’s where the similarities end. Each case is extremely different and due to this fact, it’s crucial your personal injury attorney examines your individual case thoroughly in order to give an educated prediction of its likelihood of success when it comes to damages and liability. Some main factors we assess that can affect the outcome of your injury claim include:

  • How severe your injuries are: The severity and extent of the injuries incurred in the accident directly correlates to the amount you’ll be able to recover in medical expenses as well as your ability to sue for non-economic damages like pain and suffering. In order to raise your likelihood of recovering the full amount you deserve, it’s imperative to strictly adhere to your doctor’s recommendations for care and recovery. Your medical team will keep a thorough record of your injuries and their impact on your day-to-day life. It’s essential to document – both through medical records of doctor’s and other medical provider’s appointments and your own photographic evidence – the ways your injuries hinder your life.
  • Expert testimony: Having an expert or two on your side, such as a medical professional, can be a huge deciding factor in your case. In addition to your personal injury lawyer, these experts can explain and help further prove to the judge and jury the mechanics of the accident and your injuries. Plus, they can help you prepare against the impact of expert testimony the defense presents.
  • Non-expert witnesses: Testimony from friends and family members can be crucial in illustrating damages and liability as well by painting a picture of how your life has been impacted by the accident and resulting injuries.
  • Proving comparative fault: In Rhode Island, the fault laws are pure comparative fault, which means that even if you are partially at fault for the accident, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries. However, the amount awarded correspondingly increases or decreases depending on the amount of fault that you are assigned. As expected, the lawyers for the insurance company of the driver responsible for your accident will make every attempt to try to lessen the amount of fault for which their insured is responsible. Therefore, preparing counter arguments to these attempts to lessen fault is essential to getting the maximum amount of money you deserve for your losses.

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In addition to these significant contributing pieces, there are a range of other factors that can potentially impact the way your personal injury case turns out. Depending on the full details, these facets can have a minor, or major, impact on your personal injury claim. Therefore, it’s crucial to work with an experienced injury lawyer in Rhode Island such as David Tapalian, who will closely examine all of these components in order to optimize your outcome, and minimize your risk, with a detailed plan. Our skilled personal injury team will analyze your case by gathering and evaluating evidence, speaking with witnesses, and taking additional measures to assess your potential outcome for a successful legal claim. Call the Rhode Island personal injury team at Tapalian Law at 401-552-5000, for a free consultation today.

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