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North Providence Personal Injury Lawyer

Accident Attorney Assisting Victims in the North Providence Area

North Providence is a typical New England town that offers residents the resources needed for daily life, such as grocery stores, restaurants, and gyms. The trucking industry has a large presence in North Providence and provides employment to many people. North Providence is also home to Our Lady of Fatima Hospital, which provides both health care and jobs for residents. In their free time, people who live in North Providence can spend time in Notte Memorial Park and Olney Memorial Park. While going about their daily lives, residents may unfortunately be involved in slip and falls, car crashes, and other accidents that cause them to sustain injuries. In some cases, accidents cannot be prevented, but the majority of accidents are caused by negligent actions. If you were harmed in an accident, you should consult a North Providence personal injury lawyer to analyze your case. Attorney David Tapalian will thoroughly explain each step of the litigation process and will work hard to help you seek a successful result under the circumstances.

Common North Providence Accidents That Cause Injuries

While the trucking industry provides many jobs in North Providence, it also increases the likelihood of truck accidents. Truck accidents are often catastrophic and can result in substantial damages and injuries. If you are injured in a truck accident, you may be able to recover compensation from both the driver and his or her employer. Medical malpractice is another possible cause of injuries. Medical malpractice occurs when a medical provider fails to meet the accepted standard of care for the community in which he or she practices. If you were injured by substandard medical care in North Providence, you can seek compensation from the provider that caused you harm. There are numerous other causes of injuries that may arise, including slip and fall accidents, car accidents, and dog bites.

Proving Negligence in a Personal Injury Case

Following an accident, a personal injury attorney in North Providence can help you show that the defendant was negligent and therefore should be responsible for any harm that you suffered. Negligence is evaluated under a preponderance of the evidence standard, which means that the plaintiff must show that it is more likely than not that the defendant’s negligence caused his or her harm. To prove negligence, the plaintiff must show that the defendant owed him or her a duty and that the defendant’s behavior breached the duty in some way. The plaintiff must then show that the breach caused the plaintiff harm and actual losses due to the harm.

In personal injury cases, it is common for a defendant to allege that the plaintiff was at fault for the harm sustained, and therefore the plaintiff should not be able to recover damages. Under Rhode Island’s pure comparative fault law, however, any fault attributed to the plaintiff will not bar the plaintiff from recovering damages. If a plaintiff is found to have been partially at fault for an accident, his or her damages will be reduced in proportion to his or her percentage of fault. If you were injured in an accident, a North Providence personal injury attorney can anticipate any hurdles to your recovery and develop sound legal arguments that will help you in your pursuit of compensation.

Damages Typically Pursued in Personal Injury Actions

Parties pursuing personal injury claims typically seek the cost of any past medical expenses and the cost of any medical treatment that they will need in the future. Injured parties may also be able to recover future lost income if they can show that their injuries will affect their ability to work. Additionally, an injured party may be awarded compensation for the pain and suffering caused by his or her injuries. If the victim was married at the time of the accident, his or her spouse may be able to recover loss of consortium damages.

Consult a Trustworthy Personal Injury Attorney

When a person is injured due to someone else’s negligence, it can be shocking, and the injured person may not know which steps to take to repair the damage that he or she suffered. If you were injured due to another party’s negligence, you should consult a personal injury lawyer in North Providence to evaluate your options for seeking compensation. David Tapalian is an experienced attorney who can vigorously pursue any damages that you may be owed. Mr. Tapalian’s main office is in Providence, Rhode Island. He is also available by appointment at his office in Seekonk, Massachusetts. Contact Attorney Tapalian at 401-552-5000 or through the online form to set up a free and confidential meeting.

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He took care of everything and kept me updated as well. It was such a smooth process and in the end I won my case. I would highly recommend David Tapalian! Patrice F.
When I contacted David Tapalian, Attorney & Counselor at Law, all my worries were immediately alleviated. He handled my case from beginning to end and kept me updated every step of the way. Susie M.
I visited David a couple of days after my accident and he gave me clear and concise details on what would happen throughout the process... David N.