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Speeding Car Accidents

Seek Advice from an Accident Lawyer After a Speeding Crash
Almost 30% of all fatal car crashes in the U.S. involve drivers operating their vehicles at an unsafe speed, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Speeding is a frequent contributing factor in many serious crashes in and around Pawtucket, Rhode Island, especially in dangerous traffic areas like the Pawtucket River Bridge and US Route 1. If you have been injured in a car crash involving a reckless driver, seek the advice of an experienced Pawtucket car accident attorney. Tapalian Law helps victims of speeding accidents receive compensation for their injuries and our dedicated team of legal experts can help make your situation less stressful, so you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

Speeding Accidents Happen Frequently in Pawtucket
Crashes caused by speeding are a continuous problem in Rhode Island. In 2017, the state experienced a “62% increase in car accident fatalities, the highest tally since 2008”, with almost half due to reckless speeding. As one of the heaviest traffic areas in the state and with the entire section of I-95 in Pawtucket full of sharp curves and multiple lane exits, it’s not difficult to see how speeding crashes in and around the city could occur frequently. 

For example, a driver on the Moshassuck Industrial Highway was speeding off the exit when he lost control of his car, running over a fence and hitting the company van of a local business. This caused the van to spin and hit a trailer, which ultimately crashed into the front of the business causing an estimated $100,000 worth of damages. The driver claims he panicked and accidentally hit the gas; however, locals claim cars and trucks constantly drive too fast in the area and local police have been informed it’s a prevalent site for speed racing. Fortunately, no patrons or employees of the business were injured at the time. However, victims are not usually so lucky and many sustain lasting injuries at the hands of an aggressive driver. All speeding accidents are avoidable and are usually at the fault of a negligent driver. David Tapalian, a Pawtucket car accident lawyer, understands the unfortunate commonality of crashes caused by speeding and will help you navigate moving forward with your claim to hold a reckless driver accountable. 

How Do I Proceed with a Speeding Accident Claim?
If you are injured in a Pawtucket speeding accident, you should immediately contact an accident attorney experienced with speeding crashes as you may be eligible to receive compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, emotional distress, and pain and suffering. In order to be held liable for damages, we must prove that the at-fault driver who hit you acted negligently prior to the crash. For example, if another vehicle was speeding and caused a collision with your car, we must prove that their negligent driving is responsible for the car crash and the resulting injuries you sustained in the accident. There are a number of ways an experienced lawyer can prove fault for a car crash including the use of police reports, witness statements, video surveillance, and accident reconstruction experts. When a driver is found responsible for a car accident, they may be held accountable for any injuries, losses, or damages they caused with their unsafe driving. 

In Rhode Island, there is a "comparative fault" rule that limits the amount of damages an injured person can recover if he or she is found to be partially at fault for the accident. Damages are reduced to the percentage of fault assigned to the injured person. This means that the other driver can attempt to place some of the blame for the accident on you. The attorneys at Tapalian Law will aggressively advocate on your behalf and help you navigate these confusing concepts. We will ensure that you have a strong case to minimize your level of fault, prove the other drivers’ level of negligence, and negotiate a monetary settlement with the insurance company to get you the maximum reward to which you are entitled. 

Contact Tapalian Law Today for a Free Consultation
Attorney David Tapalian has over 20 years of experience helping people injured in car accidents in Pawtucket, RI caused by speeding, drunk driving, aggressive driving, and distracted driving. He will meet with you for a free consultation, explain your legal options, and create a customized plan to strengthen your injury claim. Our legal team will guide you through every step of the process and there is no money due to us until you receive the compensation you deserve. As with all personal injury claims in Rhode Island, there is a 3-year statute of limitations, or deadline, for filing a claim for your car accident injuries. The longer you wait, the more difficult it can be to receive compensation for your losses. With offices conveniently located in Providence, Warwick, and Seekonk, MA, we are ready to meet with you today. If you are unable to travel to our office due to your injuries, our legal experts can visit you in your home or at the hospital.  Call the Pawtucket accident lawyers at Tapalian Law today at 401-552-5000 or contact us online to set up a free consultation. 

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