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Side Impact Car Accidents

Providence Attorney Assisting Victims Harmed in Car Accidents

Side impact collisions are among the most harmful kinds of car accidents, and they often result in fatalities. Providence is a frequent site of side impact collisions, in part due to the high number of streets laid out in a haphazard and irregular pattern. Side impact collisions typically do not occur unless one of the drivers involved in the accident is driving in a careless or reckless manner, regardless of how the streets are arranged. If you or a loved one suffered injuries or property damage due to a side impact collision in Providence, you should speak with an experienced Providence car accident attorney to discuss whether you may be able to recover compensation for your economic losses and pain and suffering. David Tapalian is a Providence attorney who is skilled in helping victims of side impact collisions seek the full amount of damages that they may be owed.

Causes of Providence Side Impact Collisions

Side impact collisions, which are also known as T-Bone collisions, are most commonly caused by one driver failing to yield. They typically occur at intersections or merge points on highways. Side impact collisions can occur when a driver fails to stop at a red light or stop sign and drives into the side of a car that is lawfully proceeding. Side impact collisions can be caused by driver inattention. For example, a driver may be distracted by a cell phone or GPS, and they may not realize that they do not have the right of way. Side impact collisions are also commonly caused by drivers speeding up to try to pass through an intersection prior to the light changing.

Showing Liability for a Providence Side Impact Collision

In Rhode Island, anyone who causes another person to sustain damages in a car accident may be held liable. In most cases, if the party injured in a side impact collision wishes to pursue damages, he or she will allege that the driver’s negligence caused the accident. To show that another person’s negligence caused you harm, you must first establish that the person owed you a duty of care. In most cases involving a side impact collision, the duty owed would be to drive in a safe and reasonable manner, which includes obeying traffic control devices. Next, you must show that the other person breached the duty in some way and that the breach caused the accident. Lastly, you must show that the accident caused you to suffer quantifiable damages. Eyewitness accounts, police reports, and any photos or videos of the accident can be helpful in establishing liability.

A common defense is that the plaintiff failed to drive in a reasonable manner, and therefore the plaintiff’s negligence caused the accident. Rhode Island has adopted a pure comparative negligence law, which allows an injured party to recover damages even if his or her negligence contributed to the harm sustained. Any damages awarded will be reduced in proportion to the amount of negligence attributed to the injured party. If you were injured in a side impact collision in Providence, Attorney David Tapalian will identify any obstacles to your recovery and aggressively pursue any damages that you may be owed.

Damages Commonly Sought in Side Impact Collision Cases

Side impact collisions are traumatic and often cause substantial property damage and serious injuries. Injuries commonly caused by side impact collisions include broken bones, lacerations, and crush injuries. Damages commonly sought in side impact collision cases include the cost to repair any damage to your car and the cost of any medical treatment for injuries sustained in the accident. Compensation for lost wages and the pain and suffering caused by the accident may be pursued as well. If you were married at the time of the accident, your spouse may be able to recover damages for loss of consortium.

Meet With a Providence Attorney Experienced in Handling Side Impact Collision Cases

Side impact collisions can cause devastating injuries and overwhelming costs. If you were involved in a side impact collision, you should meet with an experienced Providence attorney to discuss your case. Attorney David Tapalian will work diligently to gather facts that provide you with a strong chance for a favorable outcome under the circumstances. He can be contacted at 401-552-5000 or through the online form to schedule a free and confidential meeting.

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