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Sideswipe Bicycle Accidents

Even when bicyclists take care to use clearly marked bicycle lanes to stay safe on the road, they are still at risk for injury at the hands of a careless driver. This risk has increased particular in Rhode Island recently, as a bike lane was removed on a street in Providence in late 2019. When a driver strikes a biker in a sideswipe bicycle accident, the injuries sustained by the biker may be severe or fatal. People who have been struck by a car while riding their bikes should contact Attorney David Tapalian, a bicycle accident lawyer in Rhode Island with over 20 years of experience, to help them make legal claims against the driver so that the injured biker may receive proper compensation for their personal injuries.

How Sideswipe Bike Accidents Occur

In big cities and urban areas like Providence, Rhode Island, the streets are often filled with drivers clamoring for space on the road. In these situations, a bicyclist has a major disadvantage against the large vehicles, especially when the bicyclists generally have narrow designated lanes where they have to ride in close proximity to the cars. As drivers merge and switch lanes throughout the streets, there is a danger of them coming too close to those in bicycle lanes and hitting them with the side of their car. While the hit may not do so much as barely damage the side of the car, the biker may experience severe injuries and could even die as a result of the accident. In May of 2020, for example, a bicyclist was killed after being struck by a speeding vehicle in Middletown, Rhode Island. While the man on the bike was left to die, the motorist sped away without stopping. Families of victims who have died in bike accidents like these can get help from Rhode Island Bicycle Accident Attorney David Tapalian to file a wrongful death claim against the person responsible for the crash and fight for compensation that can defray the costs of medical expenses, loss of earnings, burials, funerals, and pain and suffering.

The Risks Posed to Bicyclists

Across the United States, the percentage of fatal bicycle accidents has increased significantly in recent years, making the need for injury lawyers to help families seek justice even greater. As cities grow, the risk increases, and the statistics show that the deaths of bicyclists do indeed correlate with that increased risk. Furthermore, with more drivers on the road, the higher the probability that any one of those drivers may act carelessly, be intoxicated, or be otherwise impaired in their driving. A distracted or drunk driver poses an even greater danger to bicyclists than the average driver already does on a busy city street. Rhode Island law states that every bicyclist must exercise "due care" when passing other vehicles to maintain a safe distance, but the utmost care of a bicyclist may not always protect them from injury at the hands of a distracted motorist. One swerve by a reckless or negligent driver could cause a sideswipe bicycle accident that leaves a bicyclist injured or dying. In August of 2010, this situation occurred in Westerly, Rhode Island, when a motorist crossed into a bike lane without noticing who else was sharing the road with him. The driver struck a bicyclist so forcefully that the man on the bike lost consciousness for 30 minutes and sustained a concussion and a severe hip injury, possibly leaving him impaired for the rest of his life. In cases like this, it's important to seek legal advice right away. As a Rhode Island bicycle accident lawyer, David Tapalian works to hold motorists accountable for causing undue harm to bicyclists. With his help, citizens of Rhode Island and Massachusetts can work to receive compensation for the pain and suffering caused by such tragedies.

When You Need to Contact a Bike Accident Lawyer

Bicyclists are small compared to the other vehicles on packed city roads, making it easy for drivers, especially distracted drivers, to pay less attention to the presence of those cyclists that are trying to share the road. A lack of designated bike lanes in certain areas makes it even harder for the bicyclists to stay safe as it requires them to ride right next to and between drivers that could very quickly harm them. As bikers are placed at such a disadvantage and risk while riding it is essential that bikers take advantage of the services provided by experienced bicycle accident attorneys in Rhode Island. Furthermore, with bicycle accident fatalities on the rise, it is important family members of those who have died from such situations use the help of attorneys experienced with wrongful death claims in RI as well. In Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Attorney David Tapalian fights for victims of bicycle accidents so that they may receive the best representation in defending their claim. Mr. Tapalian has worked with countless bike accident clients and has the background to represent his clients with exceptional tact so that they may receive monetary recovery for any pain and suffering and/or lost income due to the accident. If you or someone you know has found themselves a victim of a sideswipe bicycle accident, contact the personal injury offices of Tapalian Law in Providence, RI, Warwick, RI, and Seekonk, MA, as soon as possible by calling 401-552-5000 or online to get a free consultation with a lawyer who can discuss with you how best to approach your specific case.

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