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Drunk Driving Car Accidents

Warwick Car Accident Lawyer Helping Victims of Drunk Driving

The second largest city in Rhode Island, Warwick roads are plenty busy with drivers, whether commuting to work or visiting one of the many local shopping areas. Being home to T.F. Green Airport, the busiest Rhode Island airfield handling over a million passengers a year, adds more traffic to this already busy city. Traveling by car through Warwick via Interstates 95 and 295 is a convenient method of access from Connecticut and other Rhode Island cities to Boston’s Logan Airport, connecting tourists to locations across the country and globe. This combination of travelers and residents adds a multitude of cars, trucks, and SUV’s to the road, which increases the risk of crashes, including car accidents due to the fault of a drunk driver. David Tapalian is a Warwick drunk driving accident lawyer ready to assist those suffering from injuries due to a drunk driving accident.

When a Drunk Driver is Responsible for Your Injuries

At Tapalian Law, we understand it can be a terrifying experience getting hurt in a serious car crash, especially being hit by a drunk driver. According to road traffic statistics, in 2014 there were three fatal accidents involving drunken persons in Warwick. You shouldn’t have to suffer due to the actions of another and an experienced Warwick drunk driving accident attorney will help you get the compensation you are entitled to and help you regain what you have lost due to the fault of an impaired driver. With your attorney’s help, you can bring a negligence claim against the person at fault for the accident. As drivers, we are all responsible for driving with a “duty of care”. This means you have a responsibility, or duty, to follow Rhode Island traffic laws and not to cause harm to others. If this “duty of care” is breached by operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content over 0.08%, one is considered in violation of the law and may be arrested for drunk driving. With the help of a drunk driving lawyer, you can establish negligence on the part of the impaired driver proving that their negligence was the cause of the crash and therefore the cause of the personal injuries you incurred. Once fault is established, your attorney will seek compensation for your accident related injuries, including medical and hospital bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, reduced earning capacity, future medical needs or surgeries, and other damages you may have incurred.

Seek the Assistance of a Warwick Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

A drunk driving accident can be life-changing, even tragically fatal. Injuries can have long-term repercussions that are not fully realized until years down the road. If you have been hurt in a drunk driving crash, seek the assistance of a skilled Warwick drunk driving attorney to help you establish negligence against the drunk driver and seek maximum damages on your behalf. If you have lost a loved one due to the fault of a drunk driver, a drunk driving lawyer can help certain eligible family members file a wrongful death claim. Sadly, no amount of money can take the place of a loved one however monetary compensation can help relieve the financial burden of the surviving family coping with funeral and burial expenses, and the loss of their loved one’s companionship and support. With over 20 years of experience, accident attorney David Tapalian understands the stress and confusion that an auto accident can cause and takes great pride in patiently helping his clients sort through the chaos and questions that can ensue. The drunk driving lawyers at Tapalian Law have helped countless victims of car accidents, including Warwick residents, seek damages for their injuries. Let us help you too. We provide a free consultation and we only get paid when we win your case. Contact us today at 401-552-5000 to begin the process, or complete our online contact form.

Client Reviews
He took care of everything and kept me updated as well. It was such a smooth process and in the end I won my case. I would highly recommend David Tapalian! Patrice F.
When I contacted David Tapalian, Attorney & Counselor at Law, all my worries were immediately alleviated. He handled my case from beginning to end and kept me updated every step of the way. Susie M.
I visited David a couple of days after my accident and he gave me clear and concise details on what would happen throughout the process... David N.