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Burn Injuries from Car Accidents

Burn Injuries from Car Accidents

A driver or passenger can obtain a burn injury from a car accident if he or she makes contact with a resultant car fire, hot metal, hot fluids escaping from the car’s radiator, or hot elements from the inside of the car. If you have suffered a burn injury due to a vehicle fire or otherwise, experienced Burn Injury Attorney David Tapalian can help you receive compensation for your burns. Car fires only result from the most serious car crashes, such as head-on collisions, multi-vehicle accidents, or serious side-impact collisions. Drivers that cause crashes severe enough to result in a fire, deserve to be held accountable for their recklessness.

However, it is also important to keep in mind that any car accident that involves a vehicle catching on fire requires serious and careful evaluation of the car and careful scrutiny of the car manufacturer as well. Cars are built to certain standards so that their fuel systems can withstand the impact of a serious collision without discharging gasoline that may contribute to a car fire, and ultimately lead to burn injuries. The NHTSA created these standards to minimize the amount of allowed fuel spillage from a car during and after a collision. When these standards were set, they were intended to produce safe cars with long-withstanding fuel integrity systems. An experienced Burn Injury Attorney will hold manufacturers as much responsible as an at-fault driver in these situations.

Burn Injury Types

After serving Rhode Island as a Car Accident Lawyer for over two decades, Attorney Tapalian has seen some of the most horrific car accident injuries involving burns on victims, even considering the rarity of burn injuries. Below, we have detailed the various degrees of burns that can result from a car collision:

  • 1st degree burns: These burns appear red and painful from the outside but do not show severe blistering. These burns only affect the outer layer of a victim’s skin, the layer called the epidermis, and thus are not as serious as other burns. Though extremely painful, victims of this type of burn can make a full recovery.
  • 2nd degree burns: The site of these burns appears red and blistered and can often be very painful for a longer period of time than 1st degree burns. These burns involve a victim’s epidermis and also the dermis, which refers to the underlying layer of skin on a victim. It is essential that your Burn Injury Attorney be well versed in the varying severity of burin injuries. These burns are severe, but also can fully heal, though they sometimes lead to scarring.
  • 3rd degree burns: these are by far the most dangerous type of burns. Unfortunately, Rhode Island Car Accident Attorney Tapalian has worked with many more 3rd degree burn injury victims, than 1st or 2nd degree burn victims, likely due to the catastrophic results of most car collisions. 3rd degree burns can fully destroy a victim’s dermis and epidermis, but can also severely wound the muscles, bones, and tendons underneath the skin’s surface. Due to the destruction of the epidermis from this type of wound, the hair follicles can also be destroyed, leading to bald areas. According to the National Automotive Sampling System (NASS), 75% of car accident victims that have moderate to severe 3rd degree burns, had these burns covering more than 90% of their bodies. Though with medical attention these burns can eventually be healed, they often take far longer than other injuries and sometimes victims never fully heal.
How to Treat a Burn Injury

As a Burn Injury Lawyer, in Rhode Island, Tapalian Law’s legal team will assist you in all aspects of burn injury treatment. Though of course not medical professional ourselves, we are very aware of the best medical professionals to treat your burn injury, due to an accident. Rhode Island Hospital’s Burn Center is an excellent resource for burn treatments. Some of the most sophisticated burn treatments in the area are located at the Burn Center. Depending upon the severity of your burn injury, the Burn Center may be a place that we recommend. Cosmetic surgery may also be an option for the most severe of burns. Cosmetics surgery is only an option that can be approached for your burn injury when the wound has stabilized. What many people don’t realize is that burns, like other injury’s, can also require a significant amount of rehabilitation. The rehab for your burn injury can start from day one. There can be a significant psychological and social processes for recovering from a significant burn injury. If the burn is severe enough a permanent disability can result.

If You Suffer a Burn Injury due to a Car Accident, Consult Attorney David Tapalian

If you are in a serious car accident and suffer a burn injury as a result, contact Burn Injury Lawyer David Tapalian immediately. Burn injuries have the potential to cause permanent damage to your body and may require continued medical treatment like physical therapy, or even surgery. It is essential that you receive the proper care for your burn injury immediately. Left untreated, burns can heal much worse than if proper care is administered from day one. This treatment may seem like a scary financial burden, but Attorney Tapalian has helped thousands of victims of car accidents in Rhode Island receive financial compensation for their burn injuries. When you are in a traumatic situation where you not only suffer a car collision but also a resultant fire, you should be focusing on your physical and emotional recovery, and not worrying about how to pay for your treatment. All at-fault parties, whether it’s the driver that causes the crash or the manufacturer whose vehicle fails to meet fuel system safety standards, those responsible for your injuries must be held accountable, and Attorney Tapalian will do whatever it takes to get you justice. Centrally located in Providence, Tapalian Law is easy to access for anyone in the Rhode Island area. Even if you are unable to travel to us because of your severe and painful burn injuries, we can come to your home or to your room in the hospital. David is a trusted Rhode Island car accident attorney and he and his team of legal experts are widely trusted in the Rhode Island community for getting victims justice. Call Tapalian Law today at 401-552-5000 or contact us online to set up a free consultation

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