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Dental Injuries from Car Accidents

Traumatic Dental Injuries from Car Accidents

A serious car collision can cause a victim’s face to collide with a number of parts of the car, including the steering wheel, dashboard, windshield, windows, or even shattered glass from the crash. Often, these painful facial injuries due to car accidents, result in dental injuries. If you or a loved one have suffered a dental injury as a result of a car crash, seasoned Rhode Island Car Accident Attorney David Tapalian can help you recover compensation for your dental pain. These injuries can often be some of the most dangerous that victims suffer, because often accident victims neglect to properly treat their dental injuries while focusing on more serious bodily injuries. This can cause the dental injuries to cause even more damage, and can seriously affect the teeth, jaws, gums, and tongue. In severe cases a surgery can be required to repair damaged teeth and other areas of the mouth and gums. Victims of traumatic dental injuries deserve justice for the pain that the at-fault driver caused them, and the experts at Tapalian Law can help you get justice.

Types of Traumatic Dental Injuries

In the event of a car accident that causes serious injuries, the teeth are often the last body part that victims are worried about. Other severe injuries to bones or ligaments may take precedence, but it is important to remember that dental injuries may also require serious and intensive surgeries. However, not all dental injuries due to car accidents are the same, and in fact some are far more severe than others. Having served as a car accident lawyer in Rhode Island for over 20 years, Attorney Tapalian has seen some of the most devastating car accident injuries. Below, we have highlighted some of the most common dental injuries that can result from car collisions according to the American Association of Endodontists (AAE):

  • Fractured Teeth: This injury refers to teeth that have been fractured from head trauma due to a car crash. There are 3 types of tooth fractures:
    • Ellis I fractures affect the crown of the teeth and enamel
    • Ellis II fractures affect the enamel, as well as the dentin layers and can cause yellowing of the dentin layers
    • Ellis III fractures are excruciatingly painful and cause damage to the pulp, dentin, and enamel. They also cause a visible region of pink, red, or brownish-bloody center of the teeth.
  • Abscessed Teeth: this injury occurs when the soft tissue inside a tooth’s root canal dies and goes untreated. This causes a severe infection surrounding the tooth, and can cause aching jaws, pain while chewing, and gums that become swollen. A serious dental injury such as this requires a root canal surgery to remove the bacteria and to fill the empty canal. Rhode Island Car Accident Attorney David Tapalian has worked with victims of this type of injury who were distressed by the financial burden that an abscessed tooth’s procedure requires.
  • Tooth Luxations: This injury involves an adult tooth that becomes loosened but has not been completely removed, causing the tooth to move back and forth inside the gums. Treatment for this injury requires restorative dentistry that forces the tooth back into its socket and can be extremely painful.
  • Knocked Out Teeth: these tooth injuries require emergency action to save and replant the tooth immediately. Often, a knocked out tooth can be saved if an endodontist performs surgery within 30 minutes of the injury. Otherwise, an expensive tooth implant may be necessary.
If You are a Victim of a Traumatic Dental Injury, Call Attorney Tapalian Today

If you or a loved one have suffered a serious dental injury as a result of a car accident, contact Rhode Island Car Accident Lawyer David Tapalian immediately. Tooth injuries can be excruciatingly painful and can inhibit a victim from properly eating, drinking, or performing basic oral hygiene. Further, these serious dental injuries are often highly expensive, and many people are unaware of what their health insurance covers in terms of dental procedures. Instead of making a costly mistake that will cost you millions, let Attorney Tapalian take the necessary steps to help you get justice for the painful injury that you suffered. Attorney Tapalian has helped thousands of victims of car accidents in Rhode Island to receive the compensation they deserve after being injured by a negligent driver. With a main office in Providence, we offer free consultations for RI and MA locals everyday. Even if you are unsure of whether you have a case or not, you may be surprised to learn what you are entitled to from your dental injury. David is a trusted Rhode Island car accident attorney and he and his dedicated team of legal experts are widely trusted in RI for getting car accident victims justice. If you have a dental injury from a car accident don’t wait. Call Tapalian Law today at 401-552-5000 or contact us online to set up a free consultation.

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