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Facial Injuries

Injuries to the Face Resulting from an Auto Accident

Suffering a serious injury to the face during a car accident can have life-long physical and emotional repercussions. Any type of bodily harm can be traumatic; that distress may be compounded when a person suffers serious facial injuries that are clearly visible on a daily basis. An injury to the face can leave not only permanent physical changes but also damaging emotional scarring that is unavoidable to see each day as a reminder of the stress and pain you incurred. If you’ve suffered facial injuries in an auto accident in Rhode Island, it’s critical to seek a top-rated Rhode Island personal injury lawyer to ensure you receive the medical care you deserve and compensation commensurate with the physical and mental damages you suffered. For over 20 years, Attorney David Tapalian has helped countless auto accident victims throughout Providence, RI and MA get the money they are entitled to after being hurt due to the fault of another.

How Facial Injuries Can Affect Compensation in Your RI Personal Injury Case

Compensation awarded for personal injury lawsuits in Rhode Island varies widely and depends on a number of contributing factors. The two main types of damages recoverable in a personal injury case include economic and non-economic damages. Examples of economic damages include medical expenses, hospital bills, lost wages, and vehicle repairs. Non-economic damages are more difficult to assign a monetary value to and may include pain and suffering, mental anguish, PTSD, and loss of enjoyment. When one suffers a facial injury that results in scarring or permanent disfiguration, they are constantly reminded of the traumatic event each time they look in the mirror. They may be subject to stares or questions from the general public on a regular basis, which can be extremely distressful and hinder their job performance and relationships.

The occupation a person held prior to their injury can have a substantial impact on the compensation they receive, depending on the type of job. For instance, if your face is used as your primary source of employment, such as a model or actor, you may be entitled to higher monetary compensation since your work prospects and wages would be more greatly diminished after a change to your facial features. A Rhode Island personal injury attorney experienced with facial injuries will fully assess your case to determine how your injury will affect your current and future employment and earnings prospects. Your lawyer will consult with your medical team, which will often include plastic surgeons and otolaryngologists, among other doctors, to discuss the full extent of your facial injury and how it will affect your daily living and employment in the short-term and long-term.

Similarly, employees whose job requires them to work daily with the public face to face, such as a salesperson, may also be entitled to more money if the injury affects their ability to receive the same results as prior to the event. Those who can still perform their work without hindrance, such as those who mainly work with their hands, will receive different compensation based on their future earnings prospects, as opposed to a person whose income relies primarily on their face for employment. The amount of money a personal injury case for a face injury is awarded also varies depending on the severity and length of time the injury will last. For instance, if you suffer trauma to your nose and develop permanent difficulty breathing, your compensation will differ versus if your nose is broken and will completely heal on its own.

Types of Facial Injuries
  • Fractures. Your face is made up of many types of bones, and any one of them can be damaged in a collision. Parts of the face that can be fractured include the nose, cheekbones, forehead, and jaw. As a result, you may obtain secondary injuries such as dental injuries, permanent distortion of your face, or vision loss.
  • Bruising. The impact of a car crash can result in bruising of the facial muscle and tissues. Oftentimes this occurs when a victim’s head forcefully collides with another object such as the dashboard or steering wheel. If the bleeding reaches the skull, this can result in an intracranial hemorrhage, a life-threatening event.
  • Soft Tissue Damage. Soft tissue in the face can be easily damaged by cuts from window glass or other sharp parts of the vehicle. Injured people often are left with scars on their face, and, at the very least, swelling around the area. Treatment by a plastic surgeon may be an option for certain soft tissue injuries for both reconstructive and cosmetic injuries.
  • Burns. A vehicle can dangerously burst into flames during a car collision. The heat from the flames can cause burns and scarring on the face that last a lifetime.

After any type of motor vehicle crash, your immediate priority is getting medical help. Then, seek the legal counsel of a personal injury attorney in Providence, RI, or MA. Your injury attorney will obtain police reports, medical records, and other materials pertaining to your auto accident to discuss your legal options.

Common Causes of Face Injuries During a Car Accident
  • Airbags. Airbag deployment may result in facial injuries such as soft tissue damage and scrapes. They deploy quickly during an accident to save your life, but their force can cause severe damage to your face, eyes, or jaw if they make contact.
  • Loose Objects. If any items are in the backseat or near you during an accident, they can hit your face in the midst of a collision. You may receive cuts or bruises from this incident, or they can hit your eyes and potentially result in blindness. The same is true if glass shatters from the windshield or the windows, or sharp pieces of metal from the vehicle come in contact with your face.
  • Contact Injuries. Not only can loose objects in the car hurt you, but the impact of the crash may cause your face to hit a window, steering wheel, or other parts of your vehicle.
  • Ejection Injuries. Some accidents throw the occupant out of the vehicle entirely, especially if seatbelts were not in use. Facial injuries may occur from a land on the hard pavement of the road or into a nearby object like a tree or guardrail.
Consult with a Qualified Attorney After a Crash in RI or MA

David Tapalian is a skilled personal injury lawyer helping clients throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts, and will listen to your concerns and assess your current and future requirements for medical care, and very importantly, any future difficulties a facial injury may cause you and the need for future medical procedures or surgeries. The injury team at Tapalian Law is available seven days a week to discuss your claim and answer your questions or concerns. We offer a free consultation by phone or in person at our easily accessible Providence office. Attorney David Tapalian is a Rhode Island facial injury lawyer who will work on your case personally and be dedicated to ensuring you are treated fairly and receive the maximum compensation you deserve for your damages. There are no retainer fees for our services and we receive no money until you receive compensation. Call 401-552-5000 to speak with an attorney today for free.

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