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Paralysis From Car Accidents

Rhode Island Accident Attorney for Paralyzed Victims

Paralysis is the loss of muscle function in one or more parts of your body. Tragically, this devastating condition is often caused by serious car accidents: over 26% of spinal cord injuries, the second leading cause of paralysis, are due to motor vehicle accidents. Losing the function of your muscles at the hands of a reckless driver can be devastating, and paralysis can entirely alter a victim’s life. Paralyzed victims are not only left without function of their limbs for basic activities, but often suffer from depression, debilitating pain, disruption of bowel management, and other extreme health complications. Further, according to the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Resource Center, 41.8% of paralysis victims are unable to work and are identified as disabled. With expensive medical treatment, potential loss of employment, and tremendous suffering, car accident victims who suffer from a paralysis injury should consult an experienced Rhode Island Car Accident Lawyer like David Tapalian, as soon as possible to learn about the potential compensation they may be entitled to.

What to Know About Paralysis Caused by a Motor Vehicle Accident

A paralysis injury occurs when there is a disruption with the way that your brain messages your muscles. This can occur from a number of different causes, but in car accidents, likely happens due to spinal cord damage or a traumatic brain injury (TBI). In the event of a car crash, a victim’s body can be contorted or hit in detrimental positions. Lacerations, whiplash, and contortion can also cause extreme trauma to the delicate spine. Spinal cord damage can consequently lead to paralysis because the nerves inside the spinal cord have control over your body’s every muscle.

Paralysis may result in partial or total loss of sensation and mobility. Paraplegia, for example, affects your body from the waist down. This means loss of control of the legs. Quadriplegia, on the other hand, affects both the arms and the legs, including internal organs. Rhode Island Car Accident Attorney David Tapalian has, unfortunately, witnessed victims paralyzed in accidents. However, with the proper treatment and support, these victims are still able to live a fulfilling life.

Sadly, there is no cure for paralysis, but there are many different methods for treatment. Some methods for the treatment of paralysis include:

  • Amputation
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Mobility aids such as wheelchairs, scooters, or braces
  • Muscle reactors, Botox, and medication

Treatment for paralysis is extremely costly and almost always requires invasive surgery in the hours or days immediately following the accident. A victim’s nerves may not ever fully heal due to a severe spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury, and sadly, paralysis is typically permanent for car accident victims. Paralysis victims often require continuous treatment and even in-home nurse care. Further, necessary support devices such as wheelchairs or ventilators, as well as expensive medications and drugs, may be required for people who are paralyzed. Due to these circumstances, it is imperative that you speak to a highly-qualified Rhode Island car accident lawyer to assist you in recovering the utmost financial compensation for your paralysis injury.

If You Have Suffered Paralysis due to a Car Accident, Contact Tapalian Law Immediately

Most victims who are paralyzed in an auto accident will, unfortunately, never regain the function of their muscles or the sensation in their limbs. The loss of muscle function can leave victims immobile, severely altering daily life. No one deserves such serious impairment to their quality of life, and those responsible for your accident need to be held responsible for their careless, devastating actions. Although no one will ever fully understand the drastic emotional and physical trauma that paralysis from a car crash can have on your life, as an Accident Attorney with over 20 years of experience, David Tapalian has dealt with many other victims in similar situations due to car accidents in Rhode Island. There is absolutely nothing that can replace the disturbing result of paralysis, but the legal experts at Tapalian Law can help you receive monetary compensation to alleviate part of the high medical costs of this disability. We will do whatever it takes to get justice for your costly accident. Attorney Tapalian has helped thousands of victims of car accidents in Rhode Island and Massachusetts receive the compensation they rightfully deserve after being hurt. David is well known in RI and MA for his successful work with recovering compensation for car accident victims, and he takes immense pride in helping victims seek justice. Centrally located in Providence RI, we are easily accessible for free consultations for anyone in the Rhode Island or Mass area. If you are hurt and cannot travel to our offices due to the severity of your injury, we can visit you at home, or at the hospital. With all personal injury claims in Rhode Island, there is a statute of limitations on filing a car accident claim, so you should contact us as soon as possible. Call Rhode Island Car Accident Attorney Tapalian at 401-552-5000 or contact us online to set up a free consultation.

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