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Blind Spot Accident Lawyer in Rhode Island

What is a Blind Spot Accident?

All vehicles have blind spots. These are areas outside of your car, typically the sides and rear, that aren’t seen even when using the side or rearview mirrors. In order to safely view these unseen zones for potential dangers, a driver must veer from the traditional driving position by physically turning their head or body. It’s critical for drivers to “check their blind spots”, particularly prior to changing lanes or backing up, in order to avoid hitting another vehicle, a stationary object, or worse, a person. If a driver neglects to check their blind spots, unintentionally or not, and hits a pedestrian, the injuries suffered can be extremely severe, or deadly, especially if the victim is a small child.

As a dedicated personal injury attorney, David Tapalian helps people hurt in blind spot auto accidents throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts, as well as all other types of car accidents. Even the newest vehicles with the latest blind spot technology can’t replace the act of a driver doing a visual check of these areas for potential hazards. Obstructions are commonly due to vehicle structure, such as the side pillars that connect the windshield, or objects in the car that obscure the driver’s view. In addition, a driver’s height or stature can contribute to blind spots, so it’s always prudent to adjust the position of the mirrors to the person in the driver’s seat. Trucks and SUV’s for example, have larger blind spots due to the size of the vehicle, so it is not uncommon for them to be involved in these types of collisions.

If you have been injured in a crash caused by a car or truck driver who failed to check their blind spots, Attorney Tapalian can help you get compensation for your damages. If the motorist who hit you is found liable, you may be eligible to receive money for your medical bills, time lost from work, rehabilitative costs, property damage, and pain and suffering. Call Tapalian Law at our Providence personal injury office today for a free consultation at 401-552-5000.

Common Blind Spot Crash Scenarios
  • Changing Lanes. When a car or truck switches traffic lanes and fails to notice another vehicle approaching in the adjacent lane in their blind spot, a sideswipe or rear-end collision can take place. Traffic rules dictate using a turn signal before switching lanes, however, sometimes the other vehicle is too close or going too fast to have the ability to stop in time.
  • Backing Up Accidents. Blind spots are not only present at the sides of a vehicle, but also in the space directly behind the vehicle. Back up accidents, also referred to as backover accidents, frequently take place in parking lots or driveways. For example, when pulling out of a parking space or driveway, it’s extremely important to check for another vehicle or a pedestrian behind you. Even with backup camera technology, these crashes still occur when a driver neglects to see a pedestrian or cyclist behind their vehicle. Tragically, toddlers and young children are frequent victims of backover collisions due to their shorter height that makes them more difficult to be seen.
  • Merging Accidents. Rhode Island merges require drivers to adjust their speed up or down in order to get into the proper lane of travel. If a motorist doesn’t check their surroundings thoroughly and take the time to view their blind spots, they can crash into other vehicles nearby.
Who is Liable for a Blind Spot Accident?

In most cases, the motor vehicle operator who failed to check their blind spot, regardless of intention, and caused the crash will be at fault for any damages resulting from the accident. Drivers are responsible for being aware of any action in their blind spots. They should be prudent in adjusting their mirrors to ensure they are minimizing the overall size of their blind spots but can’t rely solely on the mirrors to identify a potential risk.

There are certain instances, however, where the other party may be at fault, or share liability, since motorists have a duty to avoid driving in the blind spot of other vehicles when it can be avoided. Additionally, if the other party was not obeying traffic laws, such as speeding, they also may be deemed partly liable for the situation.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer After Your RI Car Wreck

Rhode Island blind spot accidents can result in injuries both large and small. After any type of collision, seek immediate medical help to ensure your injuries are not life-threatening. Even when your injuries seem minor, they may be more severe than you thought. Proper imaging and interventions can help you avoid long-term damage. Adequate medical treatment can also improve the monetary value of your blind spot injury claim, by allowing your attorney to more accurately determine the extent of your injuries and future needs. After the incident, if you are safely able to do so, take pictures of the damage to your car, gather witness contact information, and remain on the scene while police file an official report.

When you hire Tapalian Law to handle your injury claim, there are no retainer fees and we don’t get paid until you win money for your case. Working with a skilled injury lawyer can drastically improve your chances of receiving the maximum amount of compensation that you deserve from the insurance companies. To get help today, call our Providence injury experts at 401-552-5000 or fill out a personalized contact form. Our legal team proudly serves clients across Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Florida.

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