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Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyer

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When an accident occurs due to the carelessness of another person or entity, a victim can bring a personal injury claim to seek compensation for their injuries and damages. These cases can arise from a wide variety of situations, including car accidents and slip and falls. Although Rhode Island is the smallest state in the nation, it is home to over one million residents. The state has a thriving and diverse economy that offers residents a wide variety of career fields, recreational opportunities, and residential environments. The state also has a storied history as one of the first colonies, making it a popular tourism destination. While Rhode Island is an appealing place to live or visit, its densely populated cities and steady flow of tourists mean that accidents will happen at various unforeseen moments. Rhode Island personal injury lawyer David Tapalian is dedicated to providing seasoned legal counsel to victims and their families.

Recovering Compensation After a Car Accident

If you have been injured in a car crash, such as a distracted driving accident or a rear-end collision, you might be able to bring a negligence claim against a driver who caused the crash to occur. In general, the plaintiff will need to show that the defendant failed to act with the appropriate level of care and that this failure was the cause of the accident. In the context of a car crash, due care means operating a motor vehicle with the same level of prudent care and skill that a reasonable person would apply when facing a comparable situation. This standard takes into account specific factors like heavy traffic, inclement weather, and road hazards like construction.

If the plaintiff is successful in proving that the defendant breached the standard of care and that this breach was the cause of their injuries, the plaintiff is entitled to compensation for any of the damages that were associated with the accident, including hospital bills, surgeries, prescriptions, physical therapy, missed wages, and long-term costs like future medical care and reduced earning capacity. Keeping diligent records of your expenses and seeking prompt medical attention after an accident are critical to ensuring that you receive the full amount of compensation that you deserve. It is also important to enlist a personal injury attorney who can help Rhode Island residents gather the evidence that they need to assert their rights.

Asserting Your Rights Following a Slip and Fall

A slip and fall accident is another common situation that gives rise to a personal injury claim. To recover compensation from a landowner, the victim must show that the landowner failed to maintain its property according to the appropriate level of care. In general, property owners have a duty to maintain their premises in safe condition, to address any known hazards, and to provide adequate warnings regarding known and potentially known dangers. When it comes to slip and fall accidents, they most commonly occur in restaurants and supermarkets, where spilled produce or spilled liquids create serious hazards for patrons and shoppers. To prevail in this situation, the plaintiff usually must show that the business had actual or constructive notice of the spilled item and that the business failed to address it within a reasonable period of time. As with a car crash, the plaintiff must also show that the property owner’s lack of due care was the cause of the injuries that they suffered and provide evidence substantiating the damages that they are seeking in the lawsuit.

Consult a Reliable Personal Injury Lawyer in Rhode Island

If you have been harmed as a result of careless behavior by another person or a business, the compassionate staff at Tapalian Law is available to assist you with bringing a claim against all of the appropriate parties. We have provided legal counsel to victims and their families throughout Rhode Island, which means that we understand the severe and lasting impact that an accident may have on a victim and their loved ones. Rhode Island personal injury attorney David Tapalian offers a free consultation to help you learn more about your options and how we can assist you. Call us now at 401-552-5000 or contact us online to schedule an appointment with a premises liability lawyer or seek assistance with another type of personal injury claim.

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I visited David a couple of days after my accident and he gave me clear and concise details on what would happen throughout the process... David N.